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I may have learned a number of new things during my uncle’s visit, but this was probably the most unexpected:  I thought the drawer fronts on my sink had been screwed & glued in place. I knew that some people have the ability to remove them; but I didn’t think I did. They were stuck on really tightly, so without exploring further, I’d just painted them on the cabinets as-is.

But thanks to my uncle, I found out that they were just very poorly installed (no suprise, considering some of the things I’ve seen in this house). See that plastic turn on the back of the drawer front? If you have a few brain cells, you place them with enough radius behind the drawer so that they can, you know, turn.

In the case of the UDH kitchen, they were placed on the ends of each drawer front, which once installed, made it nearly impossible to turn again (because the plastic piece would hit the frame of the cabinet, locking it in). Genius, I tell ya.

With a little force, my uncle popped them off and screwed them in the correct location so I can take them on and off as needed (not that I will, because that would be a good indicator that I’m really, really bored). And then my aunt informed me of this:

tip out tray

These sink front tip out trays allow you to turn these false fronts into hinged drawers. No need to keep a sponge in or around the sink! Pretty neat way to add some additional storage to my kitchen and keep the overall look neat and clean. All I have to do is paint the remaining exposed oak. Just as soon as I wash another paint brush.

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  1. I was hoping I had an answer to our problem when I read this. Unfortuneately, our faux drawer front is butted up so close to the sink that unless we remove the granite countertops and sink I have no hope for changing out my hardware. However, I am glad you got some helpful info. and perhaps it will help someone else. Continued Happy DIY’ing :)

  2. I have the tip outs drawer under the sink in my house, and I’m all in favor. They are great. I just have to remember to take them out and wash the trays regularly.

  3. Our house has those tip drawers at every sink and they are amazing. Just a warning, though. Since there’s not great air flow over them, I would avoid storing anything wet in them, like sponges. They can get very gross very quickly. Those drawer tip trays are incredibly handy in bathrooms for things like nail clippers and combs.

  4. oh my parents have that at their house & it keeps things so tidy!!

    ps- I hit my head painting a ceiling yesterday, and got white paint in my hair and couldn’t get it all out…. so this morning I just put some brown mascara right on top of it before work. haha- reminded me of your tag line :)

  5. We have the tip out drawer fronts in our kitchen and bathrooms- they are great!! Especially handy for storing things like toothpaste in the bathroom!

  6. I am in the UK and I have never seen tip out drawer fronts before. They are an incredible idea. It’s one of those ideas you think “Why didn’t anyone think of that sooner?”.

    Lol just showed my wife the picture and her eyes lit up. I guess I know what I will be attempting this weekend.

  7. I installed those down in my garden apartment kitchen and will be installing them in my kitchen too (if I ever get to that point, which is questionable at best). They’re awesome.