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For Father’s Day, my sister and I took my Dad to see one of his favorite comedians: Chris Titus.

Our present was actually given the week before Father’s Day since the show was on the 10th. So, for the actual day, my sister and I joined our parents over at their house for a late afternoon barbecue. And then, my mom found these:

building the garage

They’re of my sister and I, taken when Dad decided that he would build an entire three-car garage by himself. With the help of his daughters, ages 14 (me) and 11 (my sister).

building the garage

I distinctly remember how heavy and difficult those boards were to hold up for Dad to nail in place. I also remember how frustrated he got when my pitiful chicken arms gave out and the board slipped.

Funny that my memory of Dad yelling at me when building this thing is a fond one. I remember it taking a long time to build, and even having a party in the barely-framed structure for Halloween (it seemed appropriate to create dry ice fog in a structure where we might actually hurt ourselves).

Looking at these photos, I’m very grateful that Dad taught me what DIY is all about. When I got back last night to my own home, I mowed my awful lawn and spent a couple of hours planting hydrangeas, sunpatiens, and other flowering plants around the yard. A friend texted me, inquiring why I didn’t just hire someone so I could take some time to relax. I couldn’t help but smile. Then, I tackled the last of the overgrown shrubs on the side of the house. I was hot, sweaty, and very proud of reaching that weekend’s goals.

Thanks, Dad. I love you.

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