This is Awesome.

Every once in a while, I stumble onto something on the internet that I think is really clever. Today was one of those days. How adorable is this little guy?

Gotta love it when someone can combine design with function.  I think having something like this in the house would basically make me eat more food with toothpicks.  Or you know, just find a way to.  Ice cream?  Sure… it’s kind of stabable.


  1. Paula says

    Wow…at first I thought “I don’t serve enough foods with toothpicks to need this” and then I realized that just means I am not serving enough foods with toothpicks! Too bad it is out of stock, I’m not sure I’m patient enough to order something now and get it in April – but it is seriously cute!

  2. Sarah says

    Freaking adorable. I have to throw a party just to use this thing. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sally says

    I am hooked. I was noodling around the internet looking for a fix on the house and found the Ugly Duckling. I keep coming back. As my daughter and I are fixing a house I feel your pain and LOVE your advice. When I am feeling down and overwhelmed I check in and get the boost I need to keep going. Thanks!!

    • Sarah says

      That’s fantastic! So glad you’ve found a site that you can connect with to keep you going (and even more excited that the site you picked is mine!). Good luck on your mother/daughter projects. I’m always glad I have family to help me when I need it too!

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