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I’ve said it before, and I still mean it. As long as I’m not visiting this store on a weekend (in which it transforms into the seventh circle of H*ll, I love casually shopping around at Ikea.

On weeknights, it’s abandoned and quiet. I can peruse the displays and think of new ideas for the house without running into people or overhearing a heated argument from a young couple who can’t agree on dining chairs (I sympathize, though – I’ve totally been that couple before).

For instance: a pebbled back splash wouldn’t really fit the style of my house, and seems impractical, but certainly brings in a lot of texture.

And I’ve been wanting a bar cart for the dining room, but maybe I should buck the trend and go with more of a floating shelf idea – more “speakeasy” than “Agatha Christie garden party” (which is what drink carts make me think of – mint mojitos on a patio, Great Gatsby-style).

And under cabinet LED lights. Sign me up:

Ikea under cabinet lights

I don’t like writing down info. I take snapshots with my phone instead – so I can remember what I want to find later (I do this when reading magazines at the salon, too).

I’ve gotten much better about not walking out with another $200 in extra goods I don’t need. And I was really tempted this time, too:

$399! A real designer might call those “awesome lines”. And a matching chair with a footstool, too:

‘Scuse me as I wipe the drool off mah face.

I’ll give you guys a sneak peek of what I DID grab, though:

stair runner

It seems plain, but I think it’s just right. More on that soon.

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  1. Oh dear sweet baby Jesus. Ikea on the weekends makes me wanna claw my eyes out! But I am so loving that chair and ottoman!! I live near Atlanta and I am always on the look out for bloggers that I follow. hah! :)

    1. Haha, well, unless you’re there on a weeknight, you probably won’t see me – it’s just too crazy on weekends!

  2. I have one of those hanging stars in my window as part of our Christmas decorations! :)

  3. We have that rug too! (different size and it’s beige though). Love it! It’s held up really well too.

    1. That’s great news! Definitely hoping it can withstand a good amount of wear and tear (feels softer than I expected too).

      1. It has for us so far! We’ve had it for 6 months or so and put it in our sun room. The only way to our backyard is through the sun room and a dog and 2 kids walk across it everyday. Still looks new!

  4. I love going to Ikea on Tuesday mornings. It smells like cinnamon rolls, and there is no one there. It’s the best. I love those stars, btw. So cool.

  5. I bought under counter led lights at costco (store). A pack of six, batteries and remote cost less than $20. You can use the remote for up to 24 lights.

  6. When I finally get around to finishing my austrian dirvers license (the snow is putting me off right now..) I’ll also be able to escape to ikea by myself sometimes ;) at the moment I have to rely on the bf being willing/able to drive me down there. Willing being the bigger problem haha

    Is it a runner for the stairs? Or something for the kitchen?
    I’m excited to see :)

  7. My work schedule leaves me with Mondays off – it’s the BEST to be able to saunter in around lunch time, grab a quick bite if I’m hungry, and take my sweet time walking through!

  8. My work schedule leaves me with Mondays off – it’s the BEST to be able to saunter in around lunch time, grab a quick bite if I’m hungry, and take my sweet time walking through!

  9. I really enjoy looking at the Ikea website but have never been to a store. I bet it would be nice seeing everything when its all quite and you can really look at stuff. Wonder what your going to do with the carpet?

  10. Ikea is awesome. My wife and I have practically furnished the rooms of our twin boys… and we literally spend almost nothing when we want to add something to their rooms at least once a year. Not to mention – who sells hanging wall units anywhere else for this price? Love Ikea in AZ!!