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This weekend involved a heck of a lot more sleeping than DIYing. On Saturday, I was nervously barreling through another finance exam, worried sick that I was going to fail. Normally, I take a great amount of pride in my academic abilities; I don’t often even get B’s. But as the universe tends to work, the last finance class I will ever take in my life is proving to be the most difficult. This class involves analysis and insight on top of formulaic calculations, so it’s sort of a left-brain/right-brain double whammy. In short:  by Sunday, I was maxed out on my ability to form words and thoughts.

Because Saturday was so taxing, I slept in and chose to miss out on St. Patrick’s Day celebrations on Sunday. I wish I could say I regret it, but some days the best thing you can do for yourself is take a breather. Forcing myself to go out would have been fun, but it wouldn’t have relaxed me. Instead, I got a little laundry done, cooked myself a few meals (I’m getting much better at making meals at home, which was one of my goals this year), and did a little prep work on the living room walls.

Over a year ago (!), there was an incident that left some damage near the front door. Hehe. Once the repair was in place, the wall still needed a small patch, and I simply never really made it a priority since I was planning on repainting the wall at some point. The day has come to finally get this done. So yesterday evening, I patched that area and a few other holes (thanks to a now removed speaker system) around the living room, scooted the couch away from the windows, and did a little cleaning up so the walls can be ready for paint.

So, it looks like this week the tan will be completely disappearing from the entryway for good. The new color will snake around the living room and up the hallway, and then the fun begins:  hanging art. Well – creating it first. More on that later this week.

How was your weekend? Did you enjoy some St. Paddy’s day festivities? Get any DIY done? Or did you veg out like I did?

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  1. WOO! Get out of here, tan. Sarah doesn’t want you anymore.

    1. I meant to find a color that relaxes me when I walk in. Desperately needed, and it’s exactly as soothing as I was craving. Now if only the rest of the walls could be finished at the snap of my fingers, I’d be all set. ;)

  2. The lighter color is really coming along great! I WANTED to veg – but we actually did a ton of house work. I put some of what we did up on my blog today…but that is really only a portion. I ended up completely falling asleep while sitting on the stairs with my oldest son. Awesome parenting moment right there.

  3. Good for you! I’m an avid believer in taking a breather…say that ten times fast. I can’t wait to see the living room in it’s new color!

    No St Patty’s day celebrations for us either. Our hot water heater crapped out Friday night so we had a new one installed Saturday and ripped up the flooring in our kitchen on Sunday!

    I hope your finals went well!

  4. You : Me on the same DIY continuum. Drywall patching is my game lately. ;-D

  5. We made a run to the DIY store to get supplies for our projects this week. We even splurged on a new compound miter! ;)