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Holy giveaways, guys. November just doesn’t seem to want to quit until everyone on this blog walks away with something. While I wouldn’t really ever consider myself a frequent giveaway blogger, these last couple of months have seen an unusual amount of people in Internet land wanting you to have stuff for free. And even though I like to have my own fun by making you guys leave hilarious comments when these things run, I guess I didn’t think it fair to turn away free stuff on your behalf. By my logic, that seemed somehow rude – especially when you guys have patiently followed along with my nutty house stories. And especially when it’s three hundred bucks.

The folks from ModernBath.com contacted me with a simple plan: they give one of you $300 to spend on their Fresca line, and then you shop. That’s it. My kind of giveaway. It sounded like a pretty sweet deal to me, but before I agreed, I checked out some of their products to make sure I even liked any of their stuff (the idea of letting you shop at a site I wouldn’t like myself seems both dumb and disingenuous… so if their items are all too far out of my price range or I can’t see any of it in a real person’s home, I pass). So if it were me, here is what I’d probably spend the $300 on:

modernbath giveaway

Sleek and simple. Since most of the guest bathroom is complete (the identical vanity/faucet/etc. are going to also be in the primary), I just need to add some finishing touches. I’ve had my eye out for bathroom accessories for a while, but haven’t really found the right set. So as you can imagine, this was my first stop when perusing the site. I liked a number of individual items in the Fresca line, but the Solido series was by far my favorite. Both of my upstairs bathrooms are relatively small, so bathroom accessories that are slim and low profile would go a long way to keeping the bathroom uncluttered (where my dirty laundry cannot).

(By the way, does anyone else think the robe hook in the lower left kind of looks like it’s giving you the middle finger? Blame my warped sense of humor, but that’s what won me over when looking at their other options. I guess I just like the idea of having everything in my house feel in some way like it’s a reflection of my personality… and snickering when guests visit would certainly be part of that equation.)

trebia faucet

Another item that caught my eye is this Trebia faucet. I’ve never really seen anything like it, and it would look kind of neat in a contemporary-meets-rustic hallway bathroom (like this one). Now that I’ve done one of my own bathroom makeovers, I like the idea of using a single hole faucet to keep the counter as minimalist and uncluttered as possible, but adding some warm wood tones in the rest of the room would help balance the look and keep things from looking too cold.

Here’s your question: what was the funniest or weirdest thing you’ve ever seen someone decorate a bathroom with? I once visited a restroom where all of the art was graffiti and portraits of nude women hung upside down, but the most disturbing part was the old school British gas mask hung on the back of the door. Though I’m betting that’s probably a bit tame (I just know someone out there can do better than that).

I honestly can’t wait to read your answers.

Disclaimer: This post and giveaway is sponsored by ModernBath.com. While I have been compensated for my time, all thoughts and opinions are, as always, 100% mine.

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  1. Oh Sarah! How wonderful this would be! I got halfway done with my tiny master bedroom bathroom and all work has come to a halt while I got to have a hysterectomy. Still in recovery, but how awesome would $300 in stuff to finish it up would be to help get me motivated to work on it once the doctor clears me. Send it my way lady!

  2. I was at a restaurant with a “not MEN’S BATHROOM” and “not WOMEN’S BATHROOM” sign and other various signs on the door like “WOMEN don’t go in here this is the men’s bathroom” etc. But when I went inside (after being quite sure I was choosing the right one – and was reassured to see no urinals inside) a man was stepping out of a stall. So the humor was definitely too fancy for one of us….I’m sure we’re each still assuming it was the other.

  3. Those fixtures pictured are much too modern for my 1940’s ranch, but the Fresca Tinella would work. I’m so anxious to get rid of my leaky faucet with the double knobs. It’s very charming, but so impractical to have to fiddle with separate hot and cold knobs in your only bathroom.

  4. A friend of mine just got married and she had some of the WEIRDEST things on her registry. Like a sticker for the toilet lid with a beach scene on it. Just… no. NO.

  5. My mom has a teeny, tiny half bath in her house, which she decorated by putting in dark red (outdoor) vinyl siding with white trim and hanging some metal gardening tools. It actually looks really cute. The funny part is that she recently got remarried and one of her new sister in laws used that bathroom and snootily informed her that she ‘better not quit your day job’.

  6. I rented a condo on the beach at a lake here in utah, and they had put an old toilet seat on the wall as a picture frame.

  7. I know someone that has done their bathroom straight out of the early 60’s. Fluffy rugs and toilet/tank cover and complete with a crochet doll hiding the extra roll of toilet tissue.

  8. Around here it seems like everyone loves decorating their bathroom with outhouse themed items. I am in a modern bathroom, it doesn’t need to feel like a shack outside.

  9. I went to party at a house where it was full of ceramic frogs. I mean FULL! Everywhere you looked! It was like they were watching me! :)

  10. My favorite terrible bathroom has to be my Nana’s. She has JUST redone it, but for all my childhood it had apple green fixtures, pinky beige shag carpet, and these iridescent oily-slick-like black 4×4 tiles. It was both amazing and horrible all at the same time!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. We once stayed in a lovely 5 star hotel in Dubai with the coolest modern bathroom. But the weird part was that the wall on the outside of the bathroom was decorated with a sliding carved wood screen, which you could slide from the outside and reveal glass that looked into the bathroom. Voyeuristic much?

  12. My friend’s *vintage* san francisco bathroom had a green toilet, with a frog on the lid. We’d always say, “I gotta hit the frog before we leave…”

  13. I would have to say our half bathroom is pretty funny. It’s America themed! Our wall color is Liberty Blue; we have an American flag hung above the toilet and a series of Smith & Wesson inspired digitals. Got to uphold that 2nd Amendment! LOL

  14. I can’t think of anything really funny, except for maybe a large door mirror that showed you in full figure on the throne.

  15. A fountain, built in to the wall. Made of faux stone/rock. It was so weird. One of the more memorable ‘built-ins’ I saw when looking at houses several years ago.

  16. A family I knew growing up had pealed off the wallpaper in their bathroom and instead of cleaning up the walls or painting they started leaving permanent markers around the bathroom for people to leave notes on the walls.. After a couple years they created this weird/cool/sentimental wall art all over their bathroom from years of guests leaving their mark.

  17. One of my aunt and uncle’s houses had a crazy bathroom when I was growing up. It had a black bidet which as a kid I had no idea what it was for and then it also had this awesome DEEP DEEP tub. Like a hot tub but in the bathroom. You had to climb up a couple steps and then step down inside the interior steps. And it was bright orange. As a kid I thought that was the coolest thing ever!

  18. Oh any number of things, the oddest I think though, was a deer head. I mean, if you want to mount it over your fireplace sure, but in the bathroom??

    1. That somehow sounds unsanitary. Not sure why; it’s not like you’re going to pet it, but still just kind of gross.

  19. Does carpet count as weird? Who does that!? Also, I’m totally freaked out by people who put personal pictures up in their bathrooms. It’s a bit uncomfortable to be doing bathroom things with pictures of their little kids staring at me.

  20. well, the bathroom at the bar in the small seaside town I used to live in had a hole in the door, just under the knob. I was uneven and im not sure why it was there, but it was a solid door otherwise, so I guess they decided to just keep using it. someone had an old bar rag stuffed in it, for god know’s how long. strangely, it wasn’t the grossest thing in the bar by far, so I didn’t really worry about it, other than to kinda keep an eye on it while I was doing my business to make sure some punk didn’t remove it and try to peep. the whole bar was on a pile-on’s over the water, and the floor in some spots moved a LOT when you walked on it, so I’m guessing the door was the least of their concerns. But they did have local beer on tap for $3, and old fishermen with funny stories and a pool table so it wasn’t all bad.

  21. I was looking for a house and one of the ones we were looking at had a GIANT naked lady statue (like, 6 feet tall) in the bedroom. She was sitting indian style and holding a little bowl they used for incense. It was….interesting.

    Also, at a bar I frequent there is half a mannequin sticking out of the wall/ceiling. I screamed the first time I walked in.

  22. A picture in a bathroom that made me laugh was one that showed the backside of a group of cows and the caption read “Dairy Air”

  23. i have a former co-worker who likes theme rooms… this includes the ‘powder room’ as she calls it… decorated (right down to the door) to look like an outhouse… weird, crazy and totally Kay…

  24. When we moved into our house, the bathroom had marbles glued to the wall as a floor-to-ceiling accent wall. Took forever to chip off!

  25. The weirdest thing I’ve seen is carpet, considering I don’t go into most people’s bathroom. I tend to hold it until I get home.

  26. Real deer heads (plural) dressed in pearls. Lol. Thanks for the giveaway.

  27. I usually think bathrooms with windows in the actual shower are weird… but a bathroom in a place I stayed in Hawaii had this feature, and in a tropical location with the window open… it’s actually awesome. as long as the glass is frosted and there are tree’s in front;)

  28. My current bathroom has a super ornate chandelier that one of the previous owners installed. When we moved in, the walls were painted bright green to match the green accent tile. It is and was super weird.

  29. my husband roomed with five guys in college – there were some questionable things in that bathroom! :)

  30. Okay first of all I never enter giveaways but my bathroom is in serious need of this kind of beauty.
    This is not a “ew gross” observation but a “hmm” – I toured a house last year where the owner only hung pictures behind the door, next to the frame. So only when you close the doors in his house do you see the art – the rest of the time it just looks like bare walls. He said he liked the element of surprise.

  31. It is not really an object, but the bathroom of the house I moved into was painted neon orange and had no windows for light. It was crazy, but a lot worse when I found out that it had been that color for a couple of owners!!

  32. Love your blog!

    Ahh Bathrooms:
    Visited friends in New York City and the toilet literally was in a closet – hence the term water closet. The tub was in the kitchen which they covered with a board for counter space. Great tub-deep with claw feet.

    My mother-in-law had a salmon pink square tub…a BIG kiddy pool. It just seemed so Hefneresque.

  33. The funniest decoration I ever saw was years ago in our friends’ teeny bathroom. On the wall directly across from the toilet they hung a poster of a duckling waddling through grass, it’s foot stepping out, and the caption read, “Arise! Go forth and conquer!” I still laugh when I think of it.

  34. My bad. I got so excited I didn’t follow the rules.
    I have to say the weirdest bathroom I have seen was when I moved in with my now husband. The main bathroom was done on duckies. 100’s of those themed rubber ducks in a bathroom painted ‘classic rubber duck yellow’. Shower curtain, no-show tub pad, hand towels, pictures all had rubber ducks on them. I had serious repairs to make on the house before I could get down to getting those things out of there. For a while, I would actually have nightmares of being in there during an earthquake and being pronounced dead by rubber duck.

  35. The Ladies’ room of a bar I used to go to was wallpapered collage-style with line-art sketches of winged penises. I never understood why, since the rest of the place had a vintage/playful vibe. I also was never adventurous enough to sneak into the men’s room, although I wish I had.

  36. Before I married my husband, he did no decorating – only hand towels as floor mats and a clear shower curtain line.

  37. My Mother hung a nude painting of her 250 lb self in the bathroom as we were trying to sell her house in a very churchy area.

  38. I can’t think of anything that funny or weird, but we had carpet on the whole floor of a bathroom in a rental house. All the way around the toilet. So gross.

  39. A picture of a bathroom is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen in a bathroom. Not an artsy, interesting painting, just a right off the shelf, Mary Engelbreit bathtub and toilet!

  40. All three bathrooms in our house have carpet. It. is. awful. We’re planning to rip it all out and replace it in one bathroom with pennies…

  41. Pictures of people always weird me out when hung in bathrooms. Do you really want someone staring at a picture of your cute baby in a bubble bath while they’re relieving themselves?

  42. As a former Columbus, Ohio resident, a bar decor favorite was the strategic placement of Michigan’s Block M in the bowls of the toilets

  43. First, YES to the rude hook! I had that thought as soon as I scanned your graphic and actually laughed out loud when I read that it’s the reason you picked it.
    Second – house hunting and bidet. SMH. That’s all.

  44. Most of the houses in my neighborhood had carpet installed in the master bathrooms when they were built, as if it were an upgrade or luxury. Who wants carpet in a bathroom??

  45. I have seen someone decorate a bathroom with plastic fruit. Fake food should never be in a bathroom.

  46. I once remember going into a restaurant bathroom and seeing dollar bills hung all over the walls with writing and scribbling all over them.

  47. I got my husbands medical degree framed, and he tried to hang it in our powder room. I used my executive veto power but, in his defense, we don’t have an actual home office.

  48. I once used a bathroom that had used seashells from the ocean to decorate. The shells smelled like dead fish.

  49. Strangest bathroom I ever saw was on TLC’s Trading Spaces when one of the designers covered the walls in plastic flowers. Anyone else remember that hideous nightmare-to-clean?

      1. It stands out in my mind that it was Hillary. I don’t think that Genevieve would do something so stupid, but I am prejudiced. I always liked Genevieve better, but once I found out that we were born the same day of the same year, I loved her. :)

  50. Family pictures. I think it is an odd thing to have to stare at while in someone’s bathroom.

  51. My bathroom has a penny floor! It’s one thing we get a TON of compliments on. Most people thought we were crazy, but it’s beautiful.

  52. during our time house hunting we’ve seen creepy dolls, everything crocheted (EVERYTHING), wall to wall carpeting, and so much more!

  53. At a restaurant I used to go to, the men’s room toilet was up a few steps on a pedestal with arm rests and a high back, like a throne. Even stranger, the women’s room was completely plain and non-descript!

  54. Definitely the stag carpet in my old house. Right up to the tub and impossible to clean!! SO glad it was a temporary place!

    Oh..and the fact that they made a border along the top using a tire dipped paint for treadmarks. Atleast it was all greys!

  55. We had a pink carpeted bathroom as a kid. Complete with cat stencils above the wall tile. My mother had great taste. /sarcasm.

  56. My Grandparent’s had a plaque over the toilet that said “treat me well and keep me clean. I’ll never tell what I’ve seen.” I always found it slightly disturbing.

  57. Growing up, a friend of the family’s house had a way to realistic turtle on the back of their toilet, I always pictured it trying to bite my back!

  58. I honestly can’t think of anything entertaining in any bathroom I’ve been in. I’m going to have to pay attention now…

  59. I guess I don’t get out very much because I haven’t seen anything too strange… Does a carpeted bathroom count as odd?

  60. The weirdest bathroom decor I’ve seen is pretty tame, too – circus animal wallpaper. Tame, but definitely creepy!

  61. I can’t think of anything that funny or weird so it seems that I am joining the wallpaper bandwagon. The wallpaper literally looked like metallic mold — gold and pink. Thanks, 70s!

  62. My parent’s house used to have quail wallpaper. Not just the walls; the ceiling, the back of the door, even the trim had HAND PAINTED BIRDS on it. I know the house is from the 70s, but was that EVER a good look? Ha!

  63. When my parents first moved into their home (30+ years ago…), the spare bathroom was decorated with Budweiser wallpaper. As in Budweiser, the beer. Still trying to comprehend the thought process behind that chic and tasteful decor decision. :)

  64. When we bought our house the main, upstairs bathroom had shaggy-ish teal carpet all the way up the walls and up the sides of the bathtub. It’s still mostly there, it’s a bigger undertaking than we’re ready for so we just closed the door and don’t use that bathroom.