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AKA:  The only bathroom that is now fully functional upstairs. Except for the fact that it’s missing the door. But so what, if you consider that the only person who might see me using it is the dog? Don’t worry; I will close the bedroom door for her so I don’t scar her. Because using the toilet with the dog sniffing around is just weird, you guys.
guest bathroom makeover

This post got off to a strange start. My guest bathroom is finally ready to use!  How freaking awesome is that?

There are still a few more finishing touches to do, such as finish re-installing the baseboards (the area under the new vanity never had any, so I have to go to the hardware store and pick up more), paint the door (and trim), and hang some shelves. But nothing is going to stop me at this point from using this bathroom. It’s too nice not to want to relax in. And since it’s meant to be a guest bath anyway, minimal accessories will keep it both functional and guest-ready (so that if I manage to redo the primary bath and have company over, they have room to put their own stuff instead of working around all of mine).

guest bathroom makeover
guest bathroom makeover

Also, yes, I know that the shower curtain is wrinkled. I just took it out of the package and hung it up. But since this room is going to get steamy often (from showering, folks – mind out of the gutter), I don’t see much of a point of ever purposely ironing a fabric shower curtain. And (gasp!), it’s chevron! I am not really much of a fan of the trend, but I loved this one because it reminds me of scribbling with a graphite pencil.

I am in love with every inch of this room. It’s one of the first that feels very me. I struggled with the color balance in these photos since the room gets zero natural light and the vanity top kept looking yellow compared to the rest of the room, but it matches the gray-beige tile very well (this is the upstairs hallway, which only has one light outside of the bathroom and no windows). In person, this room looks clean, clutter free, and relaxing. And just because it’s always fun, here’s a Before & After along with a full list of each project and a source list:


Another random thing? When I brushed my teeth in here this morning (sort of my way of “christening” the room), I realized that the vanity is much taller than the old. I really like the new height!

What was done:

The vanity has a few flecks that pick up the slightly purplish hue in the wall color.


  • Paint: Clark + Kensington interior satin in Winter Chill (review still coming, so more details on that soon)
  • Vanity: St. Paul Bombay vanity from Home Depot
  • Floor tile: Soho LaFayette porcelain tile from Floor and Decor Outlets
  • Shower tile: original to the house
  • Ampersand: DIY project
  • Toilet: Delta (from Home Depot)
  • Faucet: Pfister – Pasadena (from Home Depot)
  • Showerhead: Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Shower curtain: West Elm (no longer available)
  • Hand towels: Ikea
  • Frosted bath accessories: Target
  • Light fixture (not finished): Lowe’s
P.S. Sure, I could wait a few more weeks and get things together for a true “After” photo, but we all know that’s not going to happen in this house anytime soon. In all likelihood  I’ll remove the ampersand, replace it with the bike art I created, hang some shelving, add a white bath rug, and hang another piece of art on the far wall to break up all of the purple-gray. But half-done is enough for me. I have so many rooms in this house still left to do, so my current goals while I’m in grad school are to at least focus on making sure all of the big changes happen as swiftly as possible (like getting rid of the rest of the wallpaper downstairs). So, it’s on to the dining room! Woo hoo!

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  1. It looks amazing! I love the vanity – I painted ours a chocolate brown and replaced the hardware with some very similar to yours because we are not ready to replace the whole thing yet but it is LOW and so annoying, so I am envious of your extra height!

    Also I tried to leave a comment yesterday but I think I got distracted before I hit “publish” – I bought my brother a work platform for Christmas because we love ours sooo much and Lowe's had them for CHEAP!

    1. I saw that ad! I was thinking “Wow, $17 is a steal.” – I LOVE mine!

  2. Nicely done! I love it. The accessories really show off the new vanity and paint, too. :)

    On a side note, I have that exact same shower curtain in my guest bath, too. I still need to get off my lazy butt and take some photos of the new house – people might start wondering what kinda place we bought, haha. :)

    Oh, and I didn't iron that shower curtain, either. The iron is like kryptonite to me. Lol


  3. Your guest bedroom looks really nice! Love the shower curtain. Like you said, its not the super chevron pattern, but more of an ikat chevron print. It looks really nice. Great job!

  4. Wow, quite a transformation! I absolutely love, love, love the wall color and the shower curtain. You did a amazing job!


  5. Hey Sarah!

    Love the bathroom – what a huge transformation! I'm in the middle of a bathroom reno myself. I have these unfortunate grey bathroom fixtures (and while I want to rip them out, my wallet says I can't right now) but I am going to replace the old linoleum flooring with tile. I love the Soho tile you used, but before I go and order it online, can you tell me if you think it would work with a medium-grey colored tub and toilet? Or should I just opt for super white porcelain tile? Thoughts?

    Thanks so much for your help!


    1. The Soho tiles are a little easier underfoot (cleaning-wise) than super white in my opinion. But I suppose I can't know for sure how they'd look unless I saw a picture. Feel free to email me (sarah -at- uglyducklinghouse.com) a picture if you like!

  6. Your “new” bathroom looks great! I love the paint color and the vanity you chose! I have the same shower curtain in our guest bathroom as well :)

  7. I think I have the dark grey version of your tile in our dry bar that we created this summer (it is in what used to be a closet) , its mulberry from floor and decor. I love the lighter version you went with though. Maybe when we get around to doing our downstairs bathroom.

  8. Loving this bathroom redesign. I recently used a similar greyish-purple when I remodeled my bathroom. Hard to really tell in the pictures, but it’s an amazing color in-person. I’m digging the shower curtain too!