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Hi everyone! Intense week coming up for me, with LOTS of updates to share. But first, I just wanted to let you know that my little stint on SheKnowsTV’s Homestretch is up!


At the end of August, I was flown out to Arizona to help make over the (TINY) laundry closet room of a fantastic couple named Heidi and Jon (several photos courtesy of SheKnows). The first day, Heidi invited me to stay after filming while she made beer cupcakes. Those producers really couldn’t have picked a better pair for me to design for.

The show’s producers gave me quite the challenge: make over the room in 2 days, with a $2,000 budget, AND we’d be competing against another couple and their own DIY designer. Until just a few days before I flew out, I had no idea the other designer was Sandra from Sawdust Girl. It was a welcome surprise, and I knew that she was going to make her room AMAZING, so I’d have to step my game up.

Here’s a simple shot of what my room looked like before:

Heidi laundry room

And a hint at what it looked like after:

Laundry room after

You can catch all five episodes (they’re really more like 5-minute webisodes) here: SheKnows TV: Homestretch Season 7

I’m still hoping for a few more pictures before I write a full recap post – I didn’t get much of a chance to take photos myself (far too preoccupied trying to get an entire room redone in a 2-day sprint while filming, which was SO much more difficult than I thought), so I’ve asked their staff to share a few of the behind-the-scenes photos with me to give you a more realistic idea of what the whole thing was like.

OH, and one VERY important piece:  I need your vote.  Part of the competition is to find out which room you folks liked better (I think the homeowners win a gift card for their new rooms). If you can’t watch the full episodes, you can still see before and after photos embedded in a photo gallery beneath the video screen on the SheKnows.com site.

Hope you guys like it! My first ever experience on camera, and there were LOTS of emotional ups and downs. Can’t wait to share the full story.

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Laundry room looks great! Tried clicking through to vote, and none of the links are working for me (and I’m at work so it’s possible that they are blocked for some reason), but I’m getting a 404 error that’s re-directing me back to the Ugly Duckling, rather than SheKnows.com. Just wanted you to know in case others are having the same issue.

  2. Haven’t watched yet–on my way, but when you showed the before pic……”WHHHHAAATTT?” was all I had to say! Please let there be more room than that! And I am going to have to decide between you and Sandra??? You know I follow you both daily–ugh–the pressure!

    1. My vote is in…if you won’t tell Sandra I won’t ;) Having to be creative in such a small space is what put your room over the top.

      1. Thanks ;) The room was a real challenge, but knowing that Heidi LOVED it was all I needed! She was awesome to work with!

  3. Sarah,
    Saw it that’s night and you were AWESOME! Doing over a large room is really easy – paint, etc. Thinking out of the box and still making it look beautiful is a talent! My dear, YOU have TALENT!
    Am off to vote for you!

  4. Totally voted! And, in my opinion, you had the harder challenge, spacewise and I think you killed it! So proud!!!

  5. You rocked it! I’m impressed at how naturally you handled yourself on camera. What a cool experience!

  6. My vote is in. For you of course. And I actually watched the videos so that my vote would be unbiased (sort of).
    You had a much more difficult project and it came out beautufully. You should get extra points just for that alone. And I got a chuckle how you went from all business at the beginning to all business at the end with a little glam girl thrown in. It won’t be long before you’re doing autographs at home shows…

    1. ** beautifully. In the morning I need to have either coffee or use spell check…

  7. Wow – you’re a natural in front of the camera! :)
    Looks awesome – voted for ya!

  8. very cool. love the production love the format. great seeing both of you on camera. hats off and good luck (as in hope to make through all 7 eventually). ~jb