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Daylight savings happened over the weekend, which means that the sun setting at seven is now happening at six. It’s become clear that I will pretty much have zero daylight during the week to take photographs for this site.

Knowing this, and knowing how important it is to provide you with tutorials that you can actually see, I save most of the photographing of the week’s upcoming posts for Sunday afternoon (AKA when the sun is out and I can snap to my heart’s content).

This weekend was no different. I was a true shutterbug, leaning and crouching and playing with my awesome DSLR camera settings.

When I was finally done, I continued on with a few more errands, made myself dinner, and sat down at my bed with my TV remote and laptop to do my usual Sunday evening post writing ritual. I put my memory card into the computer, just as I always do, and waited for the new photos to load.

And then, the buzzkill:  nothing happened.

I took the card out of the laptop, put it back into the card slot (I don’t know why I thought that would work, but I did it, go figure), and waited.


I pulled the card out and put it back into the camera. Sometimes it happens where I can see the photos in the camera but something prevents it from being seen in the computer. I’ve usually just played with it and moved the sliding lock back and forth and the card eventually works.

Nuh-uh. Not this time. Gone.

No photos meant no fall-inspired mantel to show off. No update on the exterior painting progress. No tablescape for November. Which also meant as of Sunday night, there was no post for Monday morning.


Looking back, and using completely illogical six degrees of Murphy’s Law (or something), I guess I was asking for this to happen. Because the truth is that I was a total bum on Saturday and stayed in bed watching TV. I just couldn’t find the motivation to do anything besides cooking myself French toast for dinner (Charlie enjoyed it too) and two loads of laundry. That means I managed to get the exterior painting, table setting, and mantel décor finished by Sunday evening by starting at noon that same day. I felt good. Proud. Productive.

And now, I feel deflated. I haven’t figured out what happened, so I’m left with the only alternative of re-taking all of the photos I took when I get home from work.

Just like when my toilets all turned on me at the same time, I’m going to try to find something positive out of the situation. The best I came up with is that I’ll get more time to practice my photography skills by working on taking photos in less than ideal lighting. And oh yeah, I still have all of those things actually done, too.

And wine. Happy Monday.

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