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That’s not really a title I ever knew would be on this site, but I’m pretty damn happy that it is: I started blogging exactly six years ago today, April Fools Day, 2010. And considering how often I need to laugh at myself over the crazy DIY shenanigans that happen in this house, I had no idea just how appropriate it was that I start blogging on the biggest prank day of the year. One way or another, this house has shown me time and time again that the universe has one twisted sense of humor.

The first thing I want to do, of course, is say thank you to all of you guys for reading along. It never sounds sincere enough, but so much gratitude for all of you guys is the first thing that came to mind after I thought “holy crap, SIX years?!?!” Thank you for all of your kind words. Your encouragement. Your advice. And laughing along with me… and even at me, as the case may be.


It’s been a lot of fun to share this weird, hilarious, unexpected, disgusting, absolutely amazing mess with you over the years. Perhaps the best part is that I’ve made some really awesome friends I would otherwise never have met. And whenever I share a new recap, my favorite part is looking over the comments of similar DIY tales from readers. They crack me up and remind me that as much as these projects can feel overwhelming to do alone, I am never really without a community who is just as into the smell of fresh sawdust as I am.


To “celebrate” today, I’ll be crossing a nice little item off my to do list: finishing all of the interior window trim for the house. I completed the guest bedroom and office earlier this week, so with the final measurements in the primary bath and bedroom, the whole house will be done! (At least, window-molding-wise — I’ve got plenty more other projects yet to do. In fact, my summer project pipeline is nearly ready to share… and some MAJOR changes are in the works!)

Also, I heard that today is a Black Friday of sorts with lots of DIY products on sale. So, perhaps a coffee and a mysterious new hole in my wallet is in my future too. And then, maybe, a beer to polish off another year of progress. Cheers, friends!

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  1. Congrats on your blog-iversary ! Six years of teaching and encouraging people and making them laugh at the same time is quite an accomplishment!

  2. Big Congrats on the six years! Your a great inspirational DIY teacher with awesome decorator style and the coolest four legged assistant ever!

  3. Love reading your blog! I share it as often as I can. You have a great sense of humour!

  4. Congrats, Sarah! To you and Charlie :) I can’t even remember how many awesome things and tips I’ve learned from your blog over the past 6 years! Yours was the first DIY Blog I ever stumbled upon, which opened my eyes to a whole new world of awesomeness! And now I have my own blog. So CONGRATS and THANK YOU!