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Do you ever feel like your remodeling process makes your house look… well… worse?

Or, as one friend cleverly put it, “It’s like a really pathetic episode of Hoarders where it only affects one room at a time.”

In an effort to keep a little sanity around the house, I try to cram all of the stuff-that-belongs-in-this-room into only one other room while it’s being redone. This inevitably leaves one of the rooms in my house constantly filled with seemingly disorganized piles of crap. And, to some degree, that’s because it is disorganized. I wish I could keep everything nice and tidy while renovating, but I barely have enough time for one more coat of paint in the evenings before I have to go to sleep and start the workday over again. And then there’s the whole shower, eat, mind the dog, pay bills, etc. that make up the rest of the day.

This method’s newest target is my craft room. While I was painting the primary bedroom, the craft room was filled with shoes, bills, clothes, and anything else I needed to stash somewhere else without having to step over on a daily basis. Now that the primary bedroom paint-over is complete, I’m moving all the items from the craft room into the guest bedroom and bathroom (see my inspiration for the craft room here). I realize that’s two rooms, but I’m going to do my best to fill the bathroom up first before pushing things into Scott’s office area. He already shares his office space with his old bedroom furniture, so I’m going to try to save him the extra headache as much as possible.

With any luck, the craft room will be a breeze compared to the primary bedroom and living room projects. Instead of bow windows (I’d only heard of “bay windows” before I moved into the house, but that’s what the insurance carrier called it), lots of doorways/trim, and odd angles, the craft room is a simple square with a closet doorway and one window.

Until the craft room is finished, the guest room and bathroom will (unfortunately) be in chaos. I guess I’ll have to keep reminding myself that it’s all going to come together in the end, it’ll get worse before it gets better, and whatever else people tell themselves when trashing a perfectly good room.

I just need to remind myself to keep the curtains closed and keep my fingers crossed that my neighbors don’t watch A&E.

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