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Now that Scott and I are looking at tackling bigger projects like our kitchen and bathrooms, the time has come to start gathering info on what to do with the big messes we expect to create during reno.

Until recently, there were only two options for getting rid of large amounts of waste. Scenario number one involved going to Costo for a bulk package of hefty size garbage bags and filling them one by one. After our recent trip to Germany, I suppose this could reap separate body-slimming results by lugging bag after bag to the curb (though I much prefer a gym option).

Scenario number two is, of course, renting an eyesore that your neighbors loathe a dumpster. Depending on the size of the dumpster you rent, this can get quite expensive (say, $300-400), not to mention all of the extra fees tacked on for tonnage, any needed permits, fuel service costs, and taxes.

Unless you’re on an episode of Hoarders and plan to get rid of half of the house, most “large” reno projects really fall in between these two options:  too much for a few garbage bags, but not enough waste to warrant a dumpster rental (or the extra aggrivation).

Enter the Bagster. Scott saw this commercial the other day and paused it on the DVR so I could see it too (I find it cute how he’s getting into this whole house remodeling thing to the point of interrupting ESPN). If you haven’t seen it yet, these bags bridge the gap between the two options.

All you have to do is purchase a Bagster from your local home improvement store, take it home, and unfold it. I just checked online for the cost, and they seem to run only $30 each for a 3 cubic yard/600 gallon capacity. That means 3300 pounds of stuff. It’s made from a special material that won’t rip apart if punctured, and somehow won’t hold water either (my guess is by magic). It pretty much looks like a giant green version of the IKEA bag that I use for everything. 

Once the bag is full (or the job is done), simply call Waste Management to schedule pickup and removal. It’s not yet available all over the country and pickup fees will vary, so check here to see if this option is available in your area. I entered my own zipcode and found that pickup would be $99 for the first bag, $79 for each additional. Not too shabby, eh?

Images from centralparkorlando.com and The Shabby Nest

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  1. Hm, not too bad at all! We were able to score a dumpster for about 150-200$ I think, but thank goodness we got it – we filled that baby to the brim! Sounds like the bag idea would work just as well as a dumpster, too, if not better!


  2. Not available in my area, but we're not working on any huge projects right now. I'll have to remember this when the time comes, though! Thanks!