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I don’t like to clean. I’m lazy. It’s even in my intro on this blog. That’s how much I don’t clean – enough to put it at the top of my blog for all to see. I’d rather use the time I have to clean for hanging out in the tool aisle at Home Depot and obsessively staring at the things on my “to-buy” list (or you know, tiling, caulking, and other things to improve the house rather than just clean the things I hate looking at). So when Oreck contacted me and asked me to review a new vacuum cleaner and steam mop called the VersaVac, I was a little hesitant. But then I thought, hmm… free thing that’s supposed to make a chore I hate easier, so… that kind of won me over.

I’m glad I did. This thing actually does a great job with Charlie’s pet hair. And that’s saying a lot when it’s coming from a girl who has previously despised many a bagless vac.

VersaVac review

In general, bagless vacs are not as great as bagged ones. Yes, the bags are a bit of a pain (though they design them nowadays to be super simple to remove and throw away), but I have never really been impressed with bagless versions because:

VersaVac review

1. They are awful with pet hair and dirt because they lack suction. The VersaVac picked up pet hair very well on both the laminate floor and my downstairs rug using the brush roll setting. At first I was scared that it wouldn’t pick up anything at all, but then I realized the brush roll setting is what you’d have to use to get the hair up. Also – loved that I could easily transition from my hard laminate floors to a plush rug like the one in my living room. My canister vac has great suction power on my floors but isn’t cutting it on a thick rug, so this made the VersaVac great for quick cleanups (which let’s face it, that’s pretty much all I do).

VersaVac review

2. Bagless vacs often lack suction because the design is concentrated on making the vac lightweight, sleek or something other than what the tool is supposed to do – suck crap up. I took a pretty hard look against the VersaVac to see what flaws I could find (because as I mentioned, I expected them). It’s got a nice long cord (which I’ve already mentioned is a plus for cleaning-haters like me who don’t like unplugging and re-plugging multiple times) and the suction tunnel goes directly up with minimal turning through the vac (the number of turns that a suction hose takes on a vac can severely limit the suction power and/or cause clogging issues, so it’s best to look at how the air flows through a vac before purchasing – think straight good, curvy bad). The main issue that I found with the VersaVac was the size of the canister   It’s small, and much of it is taken up with the filter piece. Expect to dump the dirt after each room, especially if you have pets.

VersaVac review
She’s like a dirt ball with eyes.

3. The containers with bagless vacs are often designed to necessitate turning over the canister to empty it out. What do you think happens when you turn a can of lightweight dirt over? That’s right – half of it puffs back into the air as a dust cloud. And that’s cleaner for your house, how? What I liked about the VersaVac’s canister is that the hinge to open the canister is at the bottom of the container – so all you have to do to empty it is pop it out of place (with one hand, I might add), move it over the trash can, and hit the release button. The dust falls down like it should, minimizing the puff cloud effect. Doesn’t eliminate it, but neither does removing and disposing of a bag, either.

There are a few other features I liked about the VersaVac, like the clearance it has under furniture. Anything to eliminate a few extra minutes of moving crap around, right?

VersaVac review

As far as any additional cons for the VersaVac’s vacuum properties, the main one is the answer to the question:  Will this replace your normal vacuum?  Answer:  not unless you already use a separate handheld vac for cleaning baseboards, corners and edging. There are no extensions or tools to make the VersaVac more versatile than the two primary functions that it was designed for. In other words:  the VersaVac is great for quick cleaning and especially great for busy people on the go. If you have five minutes, you have the ability to keep your house a little cleaner with this tool than lugging out the big vac and dragging it all over the house. But if you’re doing a deep spring cleaning, you’ll have to use at least one other vac of some kind.

My floors are laminate, and the steam mop isn’t really meant (nor approved) for use on a laminate floor (and manufacturers will tell you not to). I did it anyway. Because you know I’m prone to do whatever I want when it comes to things I buy. I used the hardwood setting just to be safe, but there is also a linoleum and tile setting for deeper cleaning on tougher surfaces.

VersaVac review

The attachment for the steam mop is really simple to put on and took a very short time to heat up. Filling the container was very easy (fits right under your sink faucet). I also liked that the box comes with two pads that are washable – so if you’re a cleaning freak, you can always have one pad in the wash while using the other.

VersaVac review

The verdict? Shiny (in my head, that’s “shiiiiiiiny”) floors, and there was no standing water on my floor to ruin anything (it’s standing water that has a chance to creep under the laminate and warp, not a quick swipe of something wet, so as long as it dries quickly, I’m good). Just to be on the safe side, I put the vac on top of the rug to warm up so the steam coming out of the bottom of the vac (in case there was any) wouldn’t be sitting on top of one spot of my floor for too long.

VersaVac review

So, there you have it. I go into a little more detail on the first ever video review that I recorded late one evening about this vac. And to make things even better, I get to give one away!


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Good luck. Happy cleaning… or something :)

Disclosure:  As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I was provided this VersaVac for free by Oreck in exchange for the review. The opinions here are 100% my own (and always will be with any giveaway). Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes. If you would like to read more about my disclaimer/disclosure policies, please read here.

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  1. The Versa Vac has 3 adjustable steam levels. I have hardwoods, tiles and linoleum, so that works for all my floors! With a baby, dog, and now a cat…. quick cleanups are important!

  2. I didn't know they even made a steam vacuum. How's that for learning. I did love the detail about it on their site, though. Sweet! I'd love to win.

  3. The VersaVac is kick ass. It can be used on hardwoods, linoleum, tile and stone.

  4. I learned it only weighs 12 pounds (which is great) and that I could use it on my litchen tile too!

  5. I love it that the VersaVac has all these multi-tasking capabilities. I especially like the removable water tank so I can fill it right on the sink! It would come in real handy in my house with 4 kids. I can never seem to keep the floors or carpets clean! :)

  6. I learned that I can easily transition from my carpeted living room to my kitchen floor. Great feature!

  7. It's cool that the water tank is small enough to fill up in the bathroom sink and also that this model is on backorder, so your review must be giving them great business!!

  8. Double helix brushroll has on/off option giving speed choices for carpet and hard floors.
    This means I can go from the floor to area rug without changing vaccums. SCORE!!
    PS – not a big fan of Rafflcopter, as my company blocks their widget so I have to remember at home or do it on my iphone – both equally difficult!!

  9. I love the fact that it goes from hard floor to plush floor without having to change the pile type or anything. THis would work great for me wih the different floors I have!

  10. honestly I like the 30 ft cord…I don't do much cleaning haha so I am not sure if that is the norm but the longer the length the better (that's what she said…) also the fact that it can clean stone is pretty awesome!

  11. All in one? Yes please! I have been wanting a steam more for quite some time. Oreck has a wonderful reputation and this product and convenience sound like a dream come true!

  12. I learned that it can easily go from one floor type to the next and offers a steam option without using yucky chemicals. This is exactly what I've been looking for! It's light weight too!

  13. the Double helix brushroll has on/off option giving speed choices for carpet and hard floors.

  14. love how it's a vacuum and a steam mop all in one! Another great feature is the removable water canister, no moldy issues!!

  15. vacuum & steam in one. how can you really go wrong? i've been trying to search for a 2 in 1 system like this since my recent move. i really like that it has a long cord. that would exchange for the smaller canister feature. i wouldn't need to change it that often considering i don't have pets. thanks for the review!!

  16. I learned that this must be a popular item–it's on backorder til 16 Oct! Thanks for your detailed review and pictures!

  17. I love that this is so lightweight. I've looked at steam vacs for a while and this looks like a good one.

  18. Learned this would be great for picking up my dogs hair and the steam attachment goes on easily and will keep my tiled floors clean and shiny.

  19. I learned that Oreck has a bagless, multifunctional vacuum steamer for all the floors in the house. Love the longer cord and low profile for under furniture too. If I like to clean anything well it's the floors!

  20. I learned that you can fill it at the sink, which is nice. All the steam vacs I've used require a tiny funnel and fill cup. Less hassle, yay!

  21. Steam mop and Vacuum all in one? My prayers have been answered. Pick up sand, crumbs, pet hair and leave a shine. Oh yeah!

  22. This looks like the perfect product for my floor surfaces: cleans/steams hardwood floors (without leaving any water behind) and vacuums my rugs. Can't wait to use it – our long hair cat leaves A TON of hair behind!

  23. Thanks for the great review. I've always been a fan of Oreck products and I'm excited to try the VersaVac. I'm all about quick and easy and have a dog and four cats, so I'm constantly cleaning up pet hair. Being able to easily transition from hardwood to vinyl to rugs is a definite plus. I also like that it has a long cord which minimizes the time and hassle of unplugging and replugging.

  24. How awesome. I absolutely have to have one. Especially if you have one. That means ALL THE COOL KIDS HAVE ONE. Seriously, I love anything that reaches under my furniture, because who has time to move it? Pshaw. Not me. My kids are lucky if I vacuum around it. :)

  25. Bagless is great. Steam is wonderful. Dust out of the bottom = Awesome!

    sowingstitches [at] yahoo [dot] com

  26. It takes 15 seconds of steaming (while mopping) to sanitize. Awesome!

    Stromfamily03 {at} gmail {dot} com

  27. Oreck VersaVac is only 12 lbs, it vacuums and steam cleans,and has a 30 foot cord. Where have you been all my life? You are going to make me such a happy housekeeper ;)

  28. I've learned that I HAVE to have this thing!!! I have two black labs and their hair drives me nuts. I constantly toy with wanting to get rid of them just because (as a tired mom of three) I don't want to clean up after them too!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  29. I learned that Oreck has a vac/steam product! Yea! It has to be better than the not-so-sturdy Shark products that I've been hesitating to buy.

  30. I learned that there is a steam product that can be used on hard wood floors since it doesn't leave any standing water. Love it… I would love to win one. Having dark woods can be such a pain, but this would make it a joy.

  31. I also don't like to unplug and replug in my vaccuum when cleaning, so the long cord is a nice feature.

  32. I have been looking for a good steam mop for my linoleum, some of those stains are just so hard to get out, but I could never bring myself to buy just a steam mop. Then I heard about the new oreck vacuum/steam mop! The steam mop works on wood, tile, stone, and linoleum, so it's perfect! What makes it so easy is that it has an easily detachable water tank to fill with water for when you're ready to steam. The oreck also comes with a reusable pad for the steam mop that you can use over and over again.

  33. I learned it is easy to transition between floor surfaces – hardwood to tile. Yea!!

  34. Oh hey, I could use something like this!

    What I've learned- it's the nemesis for dog fur, can suck the life right out of dust bunnies, destroys grime AND can do it all without a bag. Sign me up!