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Even though the primary bath is a small room, and half of it is covered by either tile, the window, or the vanity, the skim coat job is still a long process for just one person.

But, it’s getting done. And if this week’s lessons have taught me one thing, it’s that having the right tools for the job is paramount to getting it done faster. For example, one joint compound bucket plus a 4″ spackling knife takes a lot longer than a 10″ flexible taping knife with a mud pan. Think half of one wall in two nights versus three walls in one night. Booyah.

I may not be a pro, and I may still need plenty of pointers, but I’m actually quite proud of my work so far. And the best part is I’ve already sanded down one part of the wall to test my finished result – and I think I may get my smooth walls after all. A tutorial is in the works, which if I’m lucky will post on Friday, but I’m finding that repairing damaged drywall is a dirty, two-handed process and a less than ideal place for a camera. I’ll share all the tools I used, the technique I found that works best, and tomorrow, I’ll have you get in on the action and help me pick out a vanity. For now, I’m just going to rest my aching shoulders and get back to the day job.

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  1. Wow, that looks like a lot of work! Great job though. It's going to be great when you're finished.

  2. You're braver than I am tackling that! Justin's job is any and all drywall mudding

  3. You're doing a great job and you looked gorgeous at your sister's wedding!

    When you hit the rough spots, remember that you have other DIYers out there (like me) who read you religiously and are inspired by how amazing your efforts have turned out on a tight budget. We just bought a house and I rush over after work every day to work on it, because I want my finished product to look as beautiful as yours. :)

    Keep your chin up and that taping knife wielded!