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Okay, so looking at boxes isn’t all that interesting… but it’s what’s inside them that’s making my heart skip a beat.

I finally have my bathroom tile. In my possession.  Which as you know is like nine tenths of… something. Point is, having it in the house gives me a little jolt of energy in the morning thanks to the very exciting idea of getting rid of the hideous, yellowed, and overall pitiful state that is my bathroom floor.

I could attempt a really sad looking Photoshop image of what I’m imagining this will look like, but I think it’s best left to our imaginations for now. Big, sexy, 12×24 inch tile imaginations.

Yes, I’m delirious from forgoing sleep in favor of studying. Which is better than yesterday when I was just cranky from studying.

It would be better to have the tile upstairs (near the bathroom where it will be installed) instead of under the kitchen table, but getting these boxes into the house was quite a feat. The store put all of the boxes into my car, but getting them from the car to the kitchen was a downright struggle. My mother and I simply weren’t prepared for the weight of each box as evidenced by the number of expletives uttered (not pictured).

I also picked up enough grout, tile adhesive, and spacers for both bathrooms, but I’m not quite yet ready to get started. I’ll need to get a few more materials, tear things out of the bathroom, put down cement backing board, and find a weekend that will allow me to do all of this. I’m also considering calling in for reinforcements (such as getting dear ol’ Dad to rip things out while I’m in class), but I haven’t yet decided. It would be a better idea in the long run to be present when this is done so that I know what to do with the guest bath. At any rate, it looks like it’s officially time to get everything out of the bathroom! Stay tuned.

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  1. Congrats on your new tile acquisition. And best of luck with the tiling project. I you'll be overjoyed to get rid of the linoleum. Looking forward to the “after” picts.

  2. Linoleum… Yuck! I feel your pain! I have recently had to remove linoleum in an older house and lay some time.. By far the most painstaking part of it all was getting the linoleum up with a flathead shovel!

    Anyways, I enjoy your blog! Keep up the good work!

    You can check my blog out at DIYHomeBlogger.com! :)

  3. Yay for new tile! Isn't it so exciting to start seeing all of your finishes in person? With large format tile like that you'll want make sure your floor is absolutely level and pick a pattern with a 1/3 offset instead of 1/2 to help avoid lippage.

  4. You might want to get something like a 4 wheel furniture dolly where you can stack things on it and then just push. Much easier than to carry things. It also works well with heavy items since you can often tilt the item onto the dolly, then push it and finally tilt it off.
    Of course if you have steps that is another story :)

  5. Yes, unfortunately I have to bring them up steps :) But still a great idea. I would probably use a dolly a ton (pun intended).

  6. You can pick up small furniture rollers from the local home improvement store. Thanks XT Creations LLC