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I have been working on the guest bath for far too long to really give you a “sneak peek” of anything. But what you might not have seen yet is how stunning the vanity is looking next to the toilet I installed (I only showed a hint of it on Instagram).
bathroom vanity

Before I left for work, I snapped a few quick photos with my phone. The last time you saw it, the vanity was still in the box that my father helped me hoist up the stairs.

I haven’t finished up the last of the wall paint (which I am still writing up the review for, so all the details about the brand and color will be coming soon), but after a couple of weeks walking past a large, obtrusive box in my hallway, I couldn’t take the wait anymore and needed to see the vanity in its rightful place. So with a jamb saw (I couldn’t seem to find my box cutter and reached for the first blade I could find), I hacked open the box and spent a very careful 15 minutes moving the vanity into place. The last thing I wanted after waiting all this time is to nick one of the legs getting it through the door.

bathroom vanity

What I later realized about the vanity is that the manufacturers cleverly shipped the handles in place, but flipped to the inside of the door so that they wouldn’t poke out in the box. I haven’t turned them in the right direction yet, but I am so giddy about the progress of just seeing this puppy in place that I did a little happy dance before I scooted out the door.

bathroom handles
This may be the worst photo I’ve ever taken with my phone. The worst.

I mean, it’s real, you guys – I might actually get a full bathroom functioning again like the one I’ve been daydreaming about. All I have to do is figure out plumbing for the first time.

No big, right?


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    1. Ha, I don't usually worry about it too much (no one to see it except Charlie, and she is completely useless at working the camera).

  1. Just found this blog, I love that cabinet!

    Once you get a hang of the basics, plumbing is a doddle. Besides you can always see if there is problem (ie. there is suddenly water everywhere!!) so keep plenty of towels and rags handy.

    Embrace the plumbers butt! (um, ok, that sounds wrong) You know what I mean.


  2. You're a braver girl than I if you're going to try your hand at plumbing! Best of luck :)

  3. Love it! Where is the vanity from? And if love to see a plumbing tutorial once you get it all hooked up. I play with electricity but for some reason plumbing scares me!