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My Granny (????) would have fondly called her “a little shit”:

happy birthday aunt emily

My sweet and sometimes completely maddening pup, Charlie, has decided to assist my house in a two-front assault on my psyche. Every time I fix something, something else is going to break. And if the house isn’t doing a good enough job on its own, I guess Charlie is to help. Case in point:

broken blinds
“You little f*cker.”

What you’re looking at in that photo is part of my blinds (the set on the window nearest to my front door) that she somehow managed to snap off after a barking fit at a mail carrier (sheesh, way to be a cliché, Goof).

The broken blind is just one of the many things around here that show evidence of a dog-friendly home. In fact, all of my blinds tend to show her signature disheveled-ness.

blinds messed up

This is why I can’t have nice things. Sigh.

Still, like most fur parents, I can’t stay mad at her for long. That face is just too damn cute. I guess I should be glad then, since I never got around to taking off the excess pieces of the hanging blinds from the bottom of the window… because now I have plenty of options to choose from to replace the broken one. I also need to fix the upper part of them anyway (they were all installed with a gap at the top, which always makes my eye twitch a little), so I suppose I’ll just get around to all of these things while I’m patching and painting all of the new window trim.

fix upper area of blinds
Yeah….. no the way this should be done.

So, on my list of things I’ve fixed already but am now needing to fix again, this has jumped up to the top. I think someone told me at some point that when the “new” things you put in your house start to break down, maybe it’s time to start thinking of a new project. Or, just face the facts that when it comes to DIY and home improvement, there’s no such thing as D-O-N-E.

Happy Friday, folks!

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  1. Happy Friday!
    Yep…and to think when your blinds are shredded when you enter the room…….this is man’s best friend…ahh yeah, maybe, but not effing right now in this house ;) My 9 mo. old GoldenDoodle Willie G. is close to having me trained. He doesn’t feel it’ll be much longer. If you cross a Golden Reteiver with a Poodle ? Why’s the P dropped and replaced by the ( D ) Once you raise one from a puppy, you’ll know- heh! He’s a lovable hoot w/much character, personality, energy and opinion ha! He likes not being alone and forever keeps dogging me * LOL
    Certain Windows I use the econo-blinds on.

  2. Don’t you love dogs? :) You should have seen how scratched up the trim around our front windows was before we repainted (the windows went to the floor). Thanks pups.

    On another note, I love the chair you have in front of your window…do you mind sharing where you purchased it?

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I feel your pain! My dog ate 7 sets of blinds that I can count (he ate mine twice, my now husband’s twice, my mother-in law’s & 2 sets in our new house), two door frames and a window sill. Once we got him a brother (of the furry variety), he’s been cured of his anxiety, but we’re just now getting around to replacing the blinds in the new house after 2 years. Definitely keep the extra slats around for future use :)

  4. This is why I leave one set of blinds in my front window area raised up about a foot. That way our dog can look out the window without messing with the blinds! Not ideal aesthetically, but keeps them in one piece. I just have to remember to clean that window…

  5. We acquired a puppy 17 months ago who came over the wall of our garden in a terrible state! He had a whole zoo running around on him, ticks, fleas, parasites and both types of mange, skin and bone. However after all the visits to the vets and treatment he is now well but what a rascal or as your gran would call him “a little shit”! Honestly if I had known what damage he would do it wouldn’t have changed my mind about taking him in because he is such a lovable vocal dog and makes me laugh every day! However the damage he has done runs into probably 1000s of euros! 5 of my bras, several pairs of slippers, 2 pairs of designer sunglasses (one pair a friends and limited edition). My mobile phone is now held together with cellotape, a pair of sandals that a visitor who I didn’t know and came for dinner with some friends of ours, he ate 1 of the shoes. They had walked miles to the house, luckily I had a new pair of sandals in a box that I hadn’t worn that fitted her, you can imagine the embarrassment! Garden furniture and cushions, sofa cushions, oh yes a brand new leather jacket that I tried on, left on the middle of the table, he ate both cuffs. Newly installed air con remotes, you name it that pup has eaten it or at least tried to! He is a terrible thief too, steals the builders tools, their lunches out of their bags but not the money out of their pockets…I gotta train him better! Still he has brought joy to our lives, although I doubt both cats feel that way!

    Ps Your pup reminds me of a Podengo with her big ears…so cute

    1. Sounds like a little rascal! But I’m glad he found such a loving home and that you were there for him when he needed you most. <3