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Remember how I mentioned I like doing M.O.B. (mud, obstacles, beer) races?

I’m doing another this weekend!

It’s going to be the longest and hardest one I’ve ever done. This time around, I’m going to buy some gloves. Because I don’t think I can handle this without ’em.

As always, I’m not doing it for time. Just to prove to myself that I’m a badass and can finish a race as hard as this. I think finishing is accomplishment enough. And the obvious super-hot look of a gal exhausted, dehydrated, and covered in mud, right?

My sister Em and I - after Warrior Dash
My sister Em and I – after Warrior Dash

Want to see a few more of the obstacles? (these are also from the race website)

Then, once I’m done, I’ll get a beer to celebrate.

I would probably write more today, but I’m too busy conserving my energy. I think I’m going to start “hydrating” (why did we switch to calling it this when “drinking water” was perfectly acceptable?) now! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. I don’t think I like the fire one! The rest is okay… Have a fun time and have someone take a lot of pics!

  2. If you lived closer to the Philadelphia area we think you’d love doing the Uncle Dave’s Ice Cream Jog ‘n Hog. Run 2 miles, eat a quart or pint of ice cream, run 2 miles back. Road trip?? But good luck this weekend with the mud run, earn that beer!

    p.s. Boss Hog follows your blog because he also has a house that’s he’s trying to fix up and finds the Ugly Duckling to be very inspiring!

    1. That sounds like so much fun! But wouldn’t I get a cramp from running on a stomach full of ice cream?