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Tim Gunn, eat your heart out. I’ve finally figured out how to work with all of the pine trees in my backyard instead of working around them.

Well, technically I guess that’s not true. I’m still working around them. But in a way that actually makes them an appealing feature of the back yard instead of an eyesore that’s too expensive to remove (there is no room for the trees to fall without damage to someone’s house or taking out a fence, so in order to cut them down, I would have to hire someone who would cut them in pieces from the top, and then haul away each heavy chunk – we’re talking major $$$ and hiring a licensed/insured professional and then spending even more money on creating the back yard entertainment area; dough that I’d rather spend on the kitchen). Check out my inspiration here.

The idea is simple enough: create a floating deck that has space for each tree. Sure, there’s a lot of work that will need to be done between now and then (so much yard cleanup to do!), but the floating deck idea appeals to me because 1) I probably don’t have to dig near the house, and worry as much about utilities and 2) I make use of an area that would otherwise stay completely neglected. This is the first time in a long, long while that I’ve gotten so excited about the back yard that I am really looking forward to getting started. Of course, this isn’t going to replace the current priority list of exterior projects, but it’s certainly something that’s making me seal clap over the thought. Can you imagine how awesome it will be to have a large platform, with lights wrapped around the trunks? I’ve found some basic plans and have already started doodling the layout. I can’t wait!

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  1. What a great idea! And sweeping the pine needles off of the deck will be so much easier than raking them from between the trees and bushes.

  2. BUT… that deck would look awesome! Don’t have the trees removed (especially because I couldn’t rationalize the $$$ either), enjoy the shade and set up a “reclined” area! :)

  3. This deck looks your style and a very clever idea. I like it alot. Question? What is wrong with embracing the woodland theme and adding hostas, ferns, and other shady plants? BHG always seems to have some great pics of shady areas. Perhaps both?

    1. Nothing wrong with it; to each their own. But I’m trying to find a way to have an entertainment area outside. The current cement slab in the back yard is teeny, and laying down more cement or covering it over and creating a larger paver area will probably be more costly than clearing this area out and adding a floating deck to the side. I just think this will work better budget-wise and still gives me a few options for my small back yard. I’d love to replant the azaleas and such around the floating deck once it’s put in!

  4. Make sure you leave the holes big enough for the tree to “grow” if it needs to – I love this idea!

  5. LOVE that idea! Can I mention again that I really LOVE that idea?! What a cool way to tie the trees in and make it a more functional space! You should totally make a long bar between the trees to tie them together even more!

    1. You bet! I can’t wait to have little lights and stuff hanging so that it’s a great nighttime outdoor space. Bar is a given ;)

    1. Yes, probably – the clearing of the area will take a few weekends of prep work, but I hope this can be done easily!

  6. I’m so excited!! I love that because its a small step you don’t have to worry about railings (3 is our limit before they’re needed for code I think). Is this something you need a permit for?? Can’t wait!

  7. I wish I had trees in my backyard so I could do this! I’ve seen it pop up on Pinterest a few times and think it would look great in your backyard! Good luck!

  8. This is a brilliant idea especially for those small yards or ones with lots of trees. Adding a little seating or a firepit make it complete. Thanks for sharing!