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You may or may not recall, a long time ago (or so it seems), when I had high hopes for turning our third (and smallest) bedroom into my own personal haven from the world. My craft room didn’t start out great…

And promptly got worse during the move.

Next came paint.

Then, we decided it could be the perfect guinea pig to learn how to install our own flooring. Which turned out to be beautiful.

Then, I lost steam and got distracted with redoing other rooms in the house like the entire downstairs flooring project, kitchen lighting, and the powder room. Which means the room promptly went back to being a disaster area. Until, that is, we found our air conditioner frozen and leaking through the ceiling as it thawed.

So, essentially, the room is back to looking like this.

No, wait… that was nearly a year ago. It now looks like this:

My cabin fever (from being iced in all week) made the decision for me that keeping one room cooped up like an episode of Hoarders is no way to make a creative mind relaxed. It was time to bite the bullet and get this room organized. At least, more than it is.

So I am. And I’m making room for the new craft table I designed long ago. Now, all we have to do is wait for the spring to bring us the kind of weather in which one can use power tools outdoors (without freezing one’s buns off).

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  1. How funny… my craft room looks exactly like that! Piled high, right to the ceiling, thanks to the office redo. Which also affected our living room, too. Living in chaos is always so … uhhh, exciting! ;)