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On the day after Christmas (and my only day off for the rest of the year), I shopped Target for the usual post-Christmas-sale to see what I can score for next year’s decor.For the most part, I only shop for Christmas decor on the 26th. I am too much of a cheapskate to pay full price for my Christmas decor when I know how short of a time it will be around the house. It helps me save money but still lets me have something new for the next season. And as a bonus, I always forget what I got before the next Christmas, so it’s a wonderful surprise to even me just what my decor is really going to look like!

I didn’t wind up getting much this year (I still have a ton of bows, wrapping, ribbon, and bags from last year’s trip, so I only wanted to pick up decorative items that were totally missing from the house), but here are a few of them if you’re curious. And I’m not concerned much about spoiling these reveals – you’ll probably forget them by next year too!

Prior to purchasing these, Charlie and I were using dollar store stockings that I’d always intended on upgrading when I finally got around to it. The “upgrading” was supposed to be repurposing the (very coarse) velvety exterior into a lining for a new sock, but these red ones were only $6.50 each and had a nice thick braiding along the seam. The only downside is that the two (undamaged) red ones were initialed with a “J” and “P”, which have no significance for a duo named Sarah and Charlie. I’ll have to create a new initial patch to cover up each letter next year.

I also picked up a metal star (at 50% off) that I’ll probably hang over the kitchen window (considering that the kitchen will hopefully see some major changes in 2012, I have a completely different picture in my head for what Christmas will look like in that spot, and the star will look perfectly at home in its new surroundings).

By mid-afternoon most stores have slim pickings, but you’ll still find people stuffing their carts full. This happens because the high that buying something at 50% and CLEARANCE will push you to buy crap when you don’t really need it. So take it from a person who does this every year: treat this trip like you would a grocery store run. Don’t go hungry. Give yourself plenty of time to edit out the things you don’t really want when you’re finally ready to check out (I camped out at the front of the Christmas section for a good fifteen minutes to put things back onto the shelves to thin down the cart. I got rid of a table runner, six strands of garland, a roll of wrapping paper, and probably another $50 worth of things I don’t remember wanting in the first place). Create a list if you know you have trouble saying no to a clearance tag. Or write on your hands “You already have fifteen rolls of wrapping paper at home. Leave it!”

And even though it’s not exactly Christmas related, I did pick up these super cute (and stealth) lined ballet flats in black (picture shown in gray). They look normal on the outside, but keep my feet cozy and warm like bedroom slippers. The moment I slipped a foot in them, my fate was sealed. I may never take them off.

So how about you? Get any good deals on the 26th?

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