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I’ve been giving the new items at Dwell Studio more than a heavy glance lately. Enough for some of the items to probably have noticed my obvious crush and are now scooching away from me at the lunch table. Which I consider a little rude, but eye candy is still eye candy, and rudeness doesn’t factor in much for me (Shhh, no talkie, pretty vase. Your words will only make me like you less.).

Okay, apparently I’m currently going off the deep end. I think it’s the no-VOC paints; maybe they replaced those dangerous VOCs with something trippy. But back to the awesome things I’ve been drooling over from Dwell Studio. Take a peek for yourself and share the love:

New arrivals and favorites from Dwell Studio

1. cowhide rug 2. gold giraffe (I want a big one to use as a very surprising coat rack)/ 3. faceted vase/ 4. osa charcoal pillow /5. otto dove pillow /6. selma upholstered chair (can I just say:  DAYUMM!)

What’s caught your eye lately?

Psst:  I was not paid nor provided free product for featuring items in this SOS post.


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  1. i LOVE the chair. i almost bid on a pair of them in a silent auction, but i chickened out. it makes me so sad that i didn't do it. they were originally in an old bank building from the 50s/60s. ugh. i'm such a chicken. :)

    also- i received a package from you!!!!!! :) thaaaaaaaank you!

  2. I am oddly attracted to that giraffe, and it is so not what I'd usually go for. I love that chair too. Thanks for sharing! :o)

  3. I love the cowhide rug. I want it for my dining room. Would that we weird to eat hamburgers while dining over a cowhide rug?