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Confession:  I really haven’t bothered much on the stairs in the last week, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look good anyway!

I think this may honestly be one of the first photos I’ve ever taken of my house where I’ve actually thought, now we’re getting somewhere. It only took three years. And it’s still got dirty paw prints. And it’s all thanks to Kit’s appeal to my competitive nature. But now that all of the black paint is done, it’s time to start making a few minor touch-ups here and there with white trim paint and start thinking about what will go down the middle as a runner.

This project from Loft & Cottage has me thinking neutrals with a twist (the subtle pattern adds lots of visual interest to a blah beige runner). Plus, it would do a heck of a job at hiding dirt from paw prints.

This stunning runner idea from Little Green Notebook also uses Ikea runners, but with a bit more of a dramatic impact. I think the black on my black treads might be too much for my squat little staircase, but maybe if I play around with Photoshop, I’ll reconsider.

Tonight’s the night of my first final of the semester. So while I’m staring at finance graphs for the next few hours, feel free to check out some of the other great blogs who have jumped on board for our Dueling DIY challenge:

By the way – you can get all of the past posts of Dueling DIY here.

Stair Runner Options

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  1. Since the switch to WordPress I am unable to read the site on an iPhone. Is anyone else having this trouble?

    1. I am! I’ve got a message out to the guy who made the switch for me that it’s not working. Hopefully I can get him to resolve it today.

  2. Holy Cow! I can’t believe you already have finals! Just imagine how much time you’ll have between now and next semester.

  3. I love the first one [but I’m such a sucker for neutrals]. The navy looked luxe too! I say go dark so you don’t have to feel guilty about dirt… because dirt happens!

  4. I like the kooky rug. The pattern will hide Charlie’s dirt brought in, and it’s super cool and fun. Love it. Can’t wait to see what you choose. Hope the exam went well!

  5. You staircase looks beautiful! I love the Dash & Albert runner — I’ve been considering that very same runner for my staircase. I think it’s gorgeous!

  6. I can only seem to access the mobile site from my computer, but yesterday the new design worked fine for me. Weird! Oh, and I love LGN’s stair runner but yeah, it might be too dark. Keep us posted on what you decide!

    1. Yeah, I’m experiencing the same thing. It’s really weird. Not sure why it’s doing that! I’ve contacted my guy and asked him for help.

  7. I’m new to your blog and am absolutely loving it! So easy to navigate and so entertaining.. thank you! This is the first time I’m reading “dueling DIY” and am so impressed with the idea. Seriously, how creative! #goodluck

  8. I love the Dash & Albert gray Geometric! Also love their Birmingham Black Woven Cotton Rug (stripe) at $124 for 2.5′ x 12′ for bold against the black stairs.

  9. If those are the only runner choices you are considering ~ I vote for the ah-may-ziiing runner! The black and white staircase is fresh and clean and the tan staircase walls add depth and warmth. The only thing missing is your personality (and considering the way you write, I’d say you have a lot of spunk). A solid going up the stairs seems like too many solids. there needs to be a print which is fun but classy, that catches the eye and draws it upward. You could always pick a color or two from the runner and include it in some artwork climbing the wall up the stairs to tie it together.

    I am in the process of redoing my staircase(s), which is a bit more challenging, as the top one is completely open and the bottom one has a half-wall on either side (I am in a split level home). Because of this, I have three rooms to consider when making my choices! I haven’t completely decided yet…

    I look forward to seeing your end result!

  10. I like the black with white strip Ilea stair runner and the black and white diamond stair runner.