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After the BIG changes

…usually comes the small ones that you said you’d wait until “later” to do. Happens to me on every project, and this is usually the point at which I get derailed and change my attention to something else in the house that makes my eye twitch.

can you spot the puppy ear in the pic?

But this time, I’m sticking it out. I’m trying, anyway.

Painting the hallway and entryway helps. It keeps my attention at the front of the house (psst – ignore the floor, this house gets dusty when I paint). Where I’m more likely to notice that the underside of the handrail needs some black paint (and thanks to the power of photography, I’ve never revealed that it wasn’t painted – but I notice it every time I walk down the hall from the kitchen, so it needed to happen).

Now that the second coat is on the hallway walls, I can start moving around the rest of the room. Like up the stairs. Eeeesh – I’ve got a loooong way to go yet.

The difference is incredible. There is so much more light in the hallway now. It’s like taking a giant eraser and starting fresh.

The power of paint never ceases to surprise me. When I get home, not only is there more sunlight (thanks to daylight savings time), but there is more light bouncing off the walls. Once I’m done with paint, I can look to purchasing the stair runner (no sense buying it right now budget-wise if I have to wait to install it anyway, which thankfully gives me more time to decide which one I like best).

This week’s Dueling DIY may not have much in the way of staircase work, but as with any project, the devil is in the details. And the surrounding walls is one great big line on the to-do list I can’t wait to cross off!

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  1. It’s looking so good. I have to admit, I am getting burnt out on stairs, but we are so close!

  2. You are coming right along. It really looks wonderful and I am amazed at all you accomplish. Two things–One–does the “starburst” ceiling drive you nutty? Two–a little off target regarding the post but you DID mention dusty….I had a cleaning lady come over and clean for the first time ever! All the stuff I NEVER get around to. Can I strongly suggest that when you are exhausted from all your hard labor fixing the place up you have SOMEONE ELSE clean your house top to bottom. I swear it will be worth it!!! All your hard work will sparkle and it will be a fresh start! I just had a few things done and I can’t tell you how my mouth fell to the floor when she had my stove taken apart and was cleaning (I don’t want to say) out of it!!! Seriously consider this…until then keep kickin’ butt like you do:)

    1. One – yes, it drives me nutty because I can’t easily cut holes in the ceiling where I want new fixtures (it’s an OBVIOUS patch job no matter how good you are with patching). Two – I would LOVE someone to come clean this place after I’m done. Great idea! I guess I’ll have to put that into a fund that I hide from myself, since I’d likely dip into it to buy a new rug (I’m such a sucker for rugs).

      1. Thanks for the reply! I agree on rugs–but my obsession is with the simple Dash and Albert woven rugs. LOVE all of the striped and “plaid” looking ones. Those and their indoor/outdoor diamond style ones. Maybe you could get the cleaning work done as a “gift” from a family member or two. Either birthday/Christmas or a “congratulations–your home is ‘finished’/we are so proud of all you have accomplished dear” gift ….hmmmm?

  3. I ADORE your staircase! We are in the process of buying a house and it needs some work. I was thinking of painting the stairs but I wonder if they have to be the same white as the rest of the trim in the house? Or can I sort of veer away from that and do a cream color? I don’t want things to clash!

    Thanks! And I love your blog, it’s loads of fun to read!

  4. I feel the need to say thank you. MY stair case right now looks like your old staircase and looking at the beauty of your new stair case with just a little bit of or … a whole lot of paint inspires me to tackle mine. Now If I can yank off the carpet and get a few coats on and dried before hubby and the kids get home from work and school that would be great. I love the idea of every other step that certainly will make a huge difference.