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I got the news from Scott that apparently, we are going to have an out-of-town guest this weekend. That means that the chaos that is now my home must somehow become presentable to the public by Friday. Not that I don’t love having company (and I’m very happy that our friend is finally going to get a chance to see the house), but I hope you can appreciate just how daunting of a task this is.

Our guest bathroom is packed like a sardine can, so much so that an item fell, blocking the opening of the door for about 3 hours before Scott somehow used his long monkey arms to move the offending object and free the door.

The guest bedroom is just as full, with all of the craft room closet items on full display. Of course, this isn’t the first time that objects have moved from room to room during the renovation process. See this post for more embarrassing haphazard storage pics.

As you can imagine, last night we kicked things into high gear. The flooring installation process in the craft room continued, and Scott has been absolutely wonderful at getting this done. He first began with the closet solo, and became frustrated with the doorway areas which require much more intricate cuts (which we have now dubbed “devil doorways” for their complexity).

While Scott was working upstairs, I was working on painting the laundry room baseboards…

…and painting the craft room doors, which we had to move out of the room for the flooring intall. It was a bummer that we had to remove them because I’d already found a clever way to paint the doors without taking them off of the hinges. Click here for a tutorial. Scott found an equally clever way to make my painting task go a little faster by using two empty kegs as my sawhorses while I sanded the doors down. I carried them inside for painting, as it is far too hot in Atlanta to get an even paint job outside, not to mention how easily I attract mosquitoes.

Upon completion of the craft room closet, we noticed that the length of the floor ended in such a way that there is a narrow gap where another piece should go. Only it’s so narrow that it would require a very careful cut in order to get it right. I decided that since it’s the closet, no one will notice if we simply put a larger piece of molding on that side to cover it. Our little secret… except I guess now that I’ve told you, it’s out there :)

Once Scott was finished with the closet, it was time to finish the rest of the craft room floor, which will then continue into the upstairs hallway area. We were making great progress, and Scott taught me how to use one of the (now multiple) saws to cut the boards to fit the space:

Watch out, woman with a saw.  I am really digging our stylish eye protection. These are a far cry from the nerdy getup I had to wear for middle school science projects.

In the span of one evening, we managed to finish cutting the floor for the craft room and the adjoining closet. Within the next few days, we will need to install the floor for the hallway and linen closet, nail quarter round molding around the perimeter, move everything back into the craft room, tidy the guest bath and bedroom, and finish the paint in the laundry room. I’m already tired just thinking about it. Where’s that Energizer Bunny when you need it?

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  1. I am soooo jealous! I can't wait to put our flooring down. It makes such a difference to the room. Your floors look beautiful!