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This post title isn’t creative or pun-ny, but it certainly describes what’s been in my head all weekend long. We have new carpet in the house!

While I was at class, the guys from Empire Carpet showed up and began in our primary bedroom. I came home to see piles of our ugly brown carpet on the front lawn (if you can call it a lawn – it’s really just a mess of crabgrass… but that’s for another day, and another post), and new carpet padding in our primary bedroom.

“!!!”  No, really. I literally thought, “Exclamation point! Exclamation point! Exclamation point!”  No words came into my brain at the sight of the ugly brown mess completely removed from the room. Just excitement. Because unless you’ve lived with dusty, 30-year-old nasty carpet, you simply can’t understand the relief I felt knowing it was only a matter of hours before I’d never see it again.

During all of this demo, certain heavy pieces of furniture needed to be moved around, which pretty much left our entire upstairs inaccessible until the job was done.

Scott and I also managed to get a few “need-to”s done while we were waiting for the Empire guys to finish up. I went to Orange and picked up some paint for the guest bedroom (posting soon!) while Scott washed his car and gave the dog a bath (we need to have a clean dog on clean carpet!).

So, in just a few hours, we had beautiful carpet in the primary bedroom, walk-in closet, and guest bedroom. The following is a short before and after combo to show you what a difference simply changing the carpet makes (and please excuse the mess; the installers move furniture, but bundle blankets in a wad on top of your bed).

Even Colby was pleased with our choice. In my keep-the-dog-off-the-clean-carpet state of mind, we wound up putting a large blanket (ok, it was a bed sheet) down under his bed where he normally sleeps. But true to form, Colby found a different spot and tested out the plush new surroundings.

I think he approves.

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  1. The carpets looks fab! We have the same builders-grade spherical light fixture in our hallway. I am v. jealous of your new flooring -and the cabinets in your walk-in closet!

  2. Wow! What a huge difference! I totally know how it feels to get rid of old, nasty, dusty, smelly carpet for some brand new nice carpet! Congrats! :)


  3. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you like it. It really feels SO good under our feet. And Scott keeps commenting how much “cleaner” it looks in our room. I think he's said it at least 5 times in the last two days!

    Amy – that bubblegum light fixture is getting the ol' heave ho as soon as I can stop spending money on flooring and start spending it on new fixtures. Believe me when I say I can't WAIT to get rid of it (and the “nipple” light in our closet).

  4. Nothing like your own new fresh carpet! It looks great. I have a before and after party going on now too. Also, every Friday I have a garage salen party you may be interested in. Hope to see you over soon. Debbie

  5. I love this blog, especially since I am in the Carpet and Flooring industry. I worked for Empire for several years and then went on and opened my own company that sells carpet in Detroit area, Michigan. Don't ask me why I am so passionate about carpet, I just am. I love the new fresh look it gives to a persons home and it is always exciting to see the look on the homeowners face when they walk into the room right after we finish the job. its almost like seeing someones face light up on the first snowfall of the year or on a pretty spring morning after a gloomy winter. I love what i do, and it makes me happy to see other people get excited about new carpeting just like i do. If you are from the Macomb County Michigan area or anywhere in Metro Detroit, check us out, we are great at what we do because we love what we do! The Carpet guys of metro Detroit. here is a link to our site as well. http://www.mycarpetguysonline.com
    Thanks, Joe Zago
    The Carpet Guys, LLC.