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Sometimes projects go awry. Sometimes they leave you feeling defeated. Sometimes you look at the utter chaos that they create around you and just sigh, curl up in bed, and refuse to finish the project.

This is what happened with me and my primary bathroom. I was so gung ho about getting the wallpaper off, putting that first coat of mud on the walls, and getting it to a smooth finish. But then I just started dreading the project altogether. I started watching TV, lazy-ing about (for me, “lazy” is a verb, something one does), and altogether avoiding the rest of the project. I started hating it.

I don’t like that I get into these bouts of feeling defeated by a completely inanimate thing that I know that I have total control over. It didn’t happen to me. I did it to myself. And then I wallow, and I get stuck.

And then somehow, I snap back out. Not sure what causes it entirely, but it never fails. I get disgusted enough with the mess that I’ve created, throw the laundry in the wash (or in a laundry basket, whatever gets it off the floor) and attack it once again with renewed energy.

Maybe it’s the sheer hatred of seeing the project unfinished again. The magical fairy elves from Disaster DIY didn’t show up last night, so I guess I’ve gotta roll up my sleeves and do it. So then I do. And then I feel proud that I took one step further.

And then the cycle starts all over again. More coming up tomorrow, including some progress on the bane of my existence these damn walls.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Trust me I totally know where you're coming from! That's been our entire house lately! We have a laundry room that needs accessorizing but I'm so angry at it I can't fathom buy something cute for it. A pantry that needs to be completed but it's taken so much time I've lost my excitement. Oh geez, and our nursery which hasn't been started and I already feel defeated! Good for you for not avoiding it too much!

    …did I mention our chair that we're reupholstering that I'm going on probably 6 months of on and off avoidance?! :p

  2. I think it happens to everyone. You can only stay motivated for so long! I know, for me, the thought of actually grouting the new tile floor in our guest bathroom or starting on a remodel of our fireplace is completely unappealing. I'd rather clean, spend time outside, or clear out the future nursery – to me, those are much more exciting things to be doing right now! But eventually I'll tire of seeing that ungrouted bathroom floor and that ugly fireplace and get around to it – but until then, they're just more halfway finished/unfinished projects!