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While I was waiting for a phone meeting with a classmate last week, I took a look at the sad corner of my living room and decided to get into the holiday spirit.

I like having a fake Christmas tree. Come to think of it, I’ve never even had a real one. Unlike the one I grew up with (which we lovingly called Uncle Knick-Knack), this one comes with pretty white lights and is a snap to put together in just three pieces. Took all of five minutes, and I haven’t even fluffed the branches yet (my sis may like the colored lights instead, but she’s also a pro at tree decoration; I am trying to bribe her to do mine but haven’t been successful as yet).

I don’t know if I’m actually going to get past this point, hanging ornaments and other decorations – I have some other plans this holiday for DIYing a few gifts and need to get a move on. But for now, I’m going with the whole “something is better than nothing” idea and am just happy to have a little twinkle in the house. And for the first time in two years, I won’t be preoccupied with school thoughts. Last year, these walls were much darker, too – creating a cave-like feeling when I decorated the tree. Now that the room has a lighter paint job, it seems a little more cheerful (and winter-y).

Just gotta finish the laundry room, so I can finish the kitchen, so I can finish the dining room, and actually have the rest of my living room back. No big :)

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  1. I agree–if that is as far as you get– the twinkle will do! I also love the fake trees. We got one many years ago. The kind that you have to put each individual branch in and (quick) spread all the branch tips. It worked for about 15 years then I decided (about 3 years ago) I was too old to be layering lights and putting in each branch. In addition, my girls at this time became not so excited about helping and only wanted to hang their own ornaments. So I had purchased “MY” tree (to decorate with my decorations) on clearance about 3 years ago and love it! Three pieces, plop open, fluff a few branches, lights on, decorate, and DONE! So this year I had it! I was determined to get another “easy” tree. No more begging my girls to help, no more broken back. I went and bought a three piece–so excited! Well, that darned thing was so heavy, and the 3200 tips (!)…. I had to spread out each frickin’ branch tip. NO JOKE!!!! I spent 5 HOURS prepping that tree! AND it had four branches with lights out which we couldn’t fix!!! Same company and everything. SO…buyer beware. Not all 3 piece trees are created equally!

    1. There are two back branches that are still vexing me and won’t turn on, but I’m doing the ol’ spin move to just ignore it for now. Can’t even see it really. But I’m sure when I get stubborn enough (which always happens) I’ll go ahead and check the bulbs. Sorry to hear about your other tree! There seemed to be lots of good deals on pre-lit ones this year – maybe you can switch out!

  2. In the almost 9 years Chris and I have been together we have never gotten a tree…until NOW! :) I could have gone the fake route, but Chris insisted on a real one. I do have to admit, the smell is quite wonderful.

  3. Oh my gosh, your tree is really pretty, but the star here is that wall! What is that paint color? I love how it bounces the color back and looks like it’s several different shades together. I’ve been looking for the perfect paint color, and that is it! Where would I find it?

    1. It’s Benjamin Moore’s Dove Wing, but I color matched it to Bher (flat enamel). Nothing against BM, I just prefer the cost and coverage of the Behr paint for most of the projects around the house.

  4. I just can’t get myself to buy a fake tree, sure they are more convenient but nothing can replace the act of going out each year and picking the right tree and bringing it home. When you put it up and the smell fills the house its special. No fake tree can replace that.

  5. As long as a tree is up it helps you feel like its the holidays. Even when I was in college we put up a tree because it just made things seem right. It was small and not as pretty as the ones I was use to seeing but it was a tree none the less. Glad to see yours is up.