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Scott and I have always enjoyed dressing up for Halloween. We almost always use a combination of store bought and homemade items. Here are some of the pics from past years!
2009 (Army Man):  We made this one on the fly using rain boots, scrubs and a fake gun all spray painted green. The helmet is an old mixing bowl!


2009 (Engergizer Bunny):  I made this drum myself using old toilet paper rolls to support the middle and put poster board on each side. I faked the logo with simple markers and paper. The pants were actually children’s sweatpants. I created the ears using a wire hanger and pink & white felt, and the red batons are dollar store lemons skewered onto pencils and spray-painted red. Unfortunately, this pic doesn’t show one of the most awesome parts of my costume. I found pink furry bedroom slippers (that fit like boots) and used blue painter’s tape to create the flip-flop look for my feet.
2008:  Sarah Palin and Monopoly Guy:  “I can see Russia from my house!”  And Scott was the Monopoly guy. We were out of town for a wedding, so even though the costumes were last-minute, we didn’t want to short ourselves out of some holiday fun!
2007 (Work):  Pinata and Burger King Guy  Since my non-work costume was a teensy bit skimpy, I made a last-minute costume for work out of tissue paper and a cheap sweatshirt and pants. The tissue paper kept tearing off at the butt, so I had a bare spot that looked really funny if I turned around!
2007:  Beatrix Kiddo and Burger King Guy (again):  Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill (all store bought); Scott as the Burger King (everything except the mask is homemade – see how I made Scott’s necklace here).
We’re no stranger to getting costumed just for the heck of it, either. Several friends have thrown themed parties throughout the year, which creates fun opportunities for more costumey goodness.
Marvel Madness party – I was Poison Ivy, but you see other heros and villains like (from left to right) Duffman, Florida Gator Fan (obviously a villain to us UGA fans), Aquaman, Lara Croft, Professor Chaos, Zorro, and Colossus


Dead Celebrities Party – Steve Irwin
So, as you can see, you can have a ton of fun this holiday without spending a fortune on storebought costumes. All it takes is a little ingenuity!
Have a safe and Happy Halloween, everyone!

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