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I love Halloween. In past years, what I’ve enjoyed most is the creative challenge of making my own costume.

I intended to be a mermaid this year. Not the skanky kind – the kind that has green hair and scaly eyebrows, sort of like the ones from Hook (but with a lot more coverage for the girls).


I even bought the wig:

I plopped on the wig just after it came in the mail. I love the curls.

Unfortunately, grad school has stood in the way of preparation. And with several projects due soon (!), I think it’s wiser to hand out “the good candy” to kids in my neighborhood and study. But for you last-minute-costume-needers out there, I highly recommend a costume I once made while sitting at my desk one morning at work for their company costume contest:

I used a sweatshirt/sweatpants combo and simply glued tissue paper all over it. Costume probably cost me less than $10 (and the company already had a sombrero in the office for some strange reason).

If you’re looking to take the same concept and vamp it up a little (I know, sweatpants do nothing for my figure, and hello, I’m single), I highly recommend this version. Only I would suggest using simple fabric glue rather than a hot glue gun.

Another idea I’ve always loved is the classic Lego brick. A box, some solo cups, and some spray paint, and you’re ready for a night out (without worrying about being revealing). And hey – if you run out of cups in beer pong, you’re already ahead of the game.

Finally, a last-minute costume idea that I have fallen head over heels with this year is the sugar skull. Just a little face paint and patience and bam: costume. Doing your hair would just be extra (which let’s face it, is the best part of a last-minute costume: the option to do as little as possible for the greatest impact). My pal Kit from DIYDiva.net created her look for the Pinterest Challenge, and I think it rocks! By the way, more highlights will come from the challenge after the party closes next week.

Got any of your own last-minute costume ideas to share? Get creative! And Happy Halloween!

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  1. My wife and I made her a killer ninja turtle costume a few years back – a few pieces of cardboard for the shell and under-belly, then a couple strips of cloth for the eye, elbow and knee bands and you're done.

    Not surprisingly, we find ourselves in this predicament yet again. For some reason we act like we don't know when halloween falls every year, and then rush around last minute for something to wear.

  2. I love the wig and curls. Almost tempting in brunette for bad hair days. Haha

  3. I'm ashamed to say that I had to come up with a true last minute costume this year. The hubs and I were under the house all afternoon trying to put in a floor jack. We emerged from the crawlspace with knee pads, paint spattered pants and dirty shirt. I grabbed a bandana and tied it on my head, grabbed my tool belt and drill and went as Rosie the Riviter. ;-D But several neighbors said I looked a lot like Pretty Handy Girl. Go figure.