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You probably can’t throw a rock without hitting a craft beer fan these days. If you have one in your family or circle of friends, here’s a list of great gift ideas for the craft beer lover in your life!

In long-term relationships, we tend to pick up interests or habits that we may not have otherwise had if we hadn’t met the significant other. In my ex-boyfriend’s case, his occupation in the beer industry spurred my own appreciation for the hoppy stuff.

Oktoberfest in Munich Germany 2011

You might be surprised to know that Georgia is actually very craft beer friendly. Over the years, more and more beer ethusiasts have opened up local beer halls to sample their best, and state laws have adapted to make the industry even more accessible to the end consumer. Nowadays, there are many local brewers, almost all of which I’ve visited personally to “sample”?:

But whether you’d rather sip a stout, wheat, IPA, or other, there is a lot of great gear out there these days to let you or your loved ones show their craft beer enthusiasm. Since December is also the month of Repeal Day, the timing is quite perfect. In honor of these, here are some of my picks, along with several local highlights:

Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

Craft Beer Lover Gift Guide from @uglyducklingDIY

I can’t help but want to put this beer soap in the guest bathroom. It adds a little whimsy and fun, especially because it comes in an assorted six pack (natch)! Update: if that’s sold out, you can check out these options instead!

If handmade gifts are your thing, consider this salted chocolate stout truffles recipe from The Beeroness. I can attest to how delicious beer-infused ganache is after my beer tour in Germany. Even years later, those rauchbier truffles are still on my mind! And if making them isn’t up your alley, you can also buy some handmade ones here.

Beer ice cream – a local duo in Atlanta has started their own ice cream business. The twist? It’s made using the most delicious and ice-cream-worthy craft beer they can find. I am obsessed with this stuff. I discovered them one year at the Decatur Craft Beer Festival and basically stalked their opening at a local craft beer store. According to the owners, their first batch was by accident at a friend’s barbecue. After running out of traditional ice cream ingredients, someone suggested using craft beer to add a little flavor. The result was delicious and the beginning of the original flavor – Vanilla Bock. The rest of their recipes and flavors come as a result of a lot of trial and error. I think the idea is brilliant, and currently have two pints in my freezer at home. My favorite flavors? The original Vanilla Bock and Brown Ale Chip. Yum! Sorry to disappoint you non-Atlanta residents – they aren’t selling outside of Georgia yet but hope to soon.

Agate coasters add a punch of color to the bar.

Many beer enthusiasts have a favorite, but love to sample. This reusable leather six pack is perfect for picking up new seasonals from a bottle market or brewery, and would be perfect for the beer ethusiast who brews their own!

iPhone slide out bottle opener: because a bottle opener key chain is soooo 2008. And I love it when I have everything I need in one pocket.

beer truffles

And don’t forget: you can always pair one of these ideas with actual beer — adds a nice touch! ? Be sure to wrap your gifts with some appropriate themed wrapping paper too!

More Gift Ideas for the Craft Beer Lover

Still Want More?

I’ve made a few of my own DIY projects for my craft fanaticism, like this DIY bottle opener. Check them out, and don’t forget to pin your favorites.

Cheers, friends!

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  1. My uncle brews his own, and last year grew his own hops, it was such a cool process and holy moly do fresh hops smell amazing!

  2. love this! my latin lover has recently fell in love with craft brews and now sticks his nose up at anything mainstream.

    have you seen the tops called “beer savers”… I guess for someone who doesnt finish their beer?

    im a wine [or tequila] girl myself but am always on the lookout for good brew goodies for my man… thanks for the cute mood board!

    1. Yes, I've seen the beer savers, but chose not to share them in this post because I figure if you don't finish your beer, should you fall into this category? LOL.

      In all fairness, I would love to use one of those if I'm sitting outside with friends and it's particularly mosquito-y!

  3. My husband just started brewing his own too, these are some great gift ideas for him. Thanks!