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It’s no secret that I scatter from project to project. I’ve been doing really well at focusing on my entryway, but it doesn’t stop me from randomly selecting other parts of the house to tweak when I have a few spare minutes. In the primary bathroom, I’ve begun dry-fitting the tile. DIY tip: even in a small bathroom like mine, dry fitting is a good idea. “Dry fitting” is when you lay down each of your tiles to figure out the exact pattern and see what kind of cuts you’re going to need to make before you actually cut or adhere them to the floor. I’m working with 12 x 24-inch porcelain tiles, and the last thing I want to do is have a really narrow piece in the doorway. That would scream DIY (and as proud as I am to do something myself, I still want it to look like a professional job). I’m comfortable taking the extra time on this step to make sure I’ve got things exactly right, so when I start in the far corner near the toilet, I won’t wind up with odd-looking seams by the time I get to the door threshold (another DIY tip:  it’s just like painting yourself into a corner; you don’t want to tile yourself into one either since you need the tiles to be level, and walking around on them before they dry is a no-no).

dry fit tile

The toilet and bathroom cabinet have been removed, so I can now work on the remaining part of the wall where the wallpaper still needs to be taken down. And the light fixture above the mirror is one upgrade I’m very happy to have in place.

I’ve been meaning to make a second couch sleeve just like the first one I made last fall. I’m now past the staining step. I still need to poly it for durability, but maybe a warm weekend will allow me to keep the windows open and get it done.

DIY wooden couch sleeve

Finally, there’s the dining room, which has been put on hold for the staircase makeover. But since that’s drawing to a close soon, I can turn my attention back to this neglected room. And, hopefully, get my downstairs back to looking like someone lives here.

Got any projects you’re working on this weekend?

PS – I know I mentioned last Friday that I was switching to WordPress. That clearly didn’t happen, so I asked them to wait until the following weekend (tonight) to get started to limit site interruptions. If you see things kinda wonky over the weekend, please know that I’m working on it. And I really hope you like the new design!


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  1. So glad we're not the only ones with little building sites all around the house. It's just too tempting to start another project, especially when you're sick of the one you're doing!
    This weekend we'll hopefully be finishing! our staircase!

    1. It is the same business over here too. It was my New Years resolution to finish a project before starting a new one, but I get bored so quickly. I have been putting some trim up in my dining room all day. Painting trim is just about torture to me. I want to make one of those couch sleeves for my husband one of these days–I just got a kreg jig so I really need to test it out.

  2. Another Atlanta area blogger here…subscribing! I will be watching your bathroom tiling progress with much interest as we have one we need to tile, too.

  3. I love your yellow mirror! I always have tons of projects going on. I'm jealous of people that start a room, work on it regularly until it's 100% done, then move on to the next. I'm buying a ton of supplies this weekend for my next two dozen or so projects, so I'm sure I'll have lots more half-finished projects soon.

  4. We are going for landscaping this weekend. Some planter boxes, gravel pathways and whatever else strikes our fancy. Can't wait to see the new blog design!