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I asked you to ask, and you um… answered? Thanks to joining Formspring, I’m now connected to each of my lovely readers with your direct questions. And it’s reminding me that I may have left you out of the loop with some of your questions, such as:

Does your down stairs toilet still leak?

Answer:  No, actually.

If you missed that post, here’s a recap:  We had a housewarming party back in November to celebrate the changes we’ve made to the house (so far). The downstairs powder room was finished only a week before the party, which was basically what I would refer to as a “gut job” – we got rid of everything, replaced the flooring, put in a new sink, and installed a new toilet. Then, it happened:  after a week of no problems, the um, volume of the users of our loo during the party appeared to have caused a leak.

We’ve used the downstairs bathroom again and again (um, to test – it’s a weird subject to bring up to you guys… nevermind), and while I believe there was a moisture issue, I don’t think it’s coming from the toilet. Not directly, anyway. I think the culprit is instead a person of indirect aim.

Yes, you read that right.  I think the reason why I had “water” around the bottom of the toilet during the housewarming party because someone was an inconsiderate a-hole and wasn’t paying attention when they stumbled into my new powder room AND PEED ON MY FLOOR. If I knew who the actual culprit was, that someone would get a swift kick right in the you-know-what. All I can say is: boys are disgusting

And no, I didn’t clean it up. Since I’m certain it was a guy (for obvious reasons), I made Scott clean up after his friend’s mess. Blech.

So, there you have it. Our toilet mystery is solved… sort of. And speaking of, the word “toilet” itself feels inappropriate to talk about. What word should I use? Commode? Loo? John? Head? Words like “WC” and “washroom” refer to the bathroom as a whole, so I don’t think that will work. I’m asking because we’ve still got two more bathrooms to remodel… we are going to be talking about this again. Thanks for the two cents.

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  1. I vote “WC” or water closet – it originally meant a room that contained a toilet, so it's perfect! Now it refers to a room that contains a toilet and one other type of plumbing – aka sink.

    A commode is a room with ONLY a toilet, like you would see in many master baths!

  2. Ah, if only my home and primary bath were big enough to have a room just for the toilet :)

  3. Yes, Kate! Considering the alternative was taking the toilet back out to inspect the wax seal, it was a relief, just incredibly gross.

  4. Yikes! That is NASTY! I love how you made Scott clean it up. At least it was easy to fix!

    And yes, boys can be totally gross.


  5. I vote you use the word “crapper.” Oh, wait, this isn't my blog…

    And yes, boys are totally gross, well into their 40's I assure you.

  6. Our downstairs bathroom was totally leaking when we moved in last October and we had to gut our bathroom too! Just got it finished last month and we were “those neighbors” too. :) Happy to see we aren't the only ones haha and good that you figured out what was going on! Gross! Boys are so gross.

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