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Yep, you read that right.

Last week was kind of a big deal for me. If you were on my Facebook page or Twitter, you saw me speaking in lots of exclamation points over my excitement. Because on Wednesday, I had a web interview with interior designer and DIY expert, Kristan Cunningham.

You probably know her from HGTV’s Design on a Dime, but she’s got a new show coming up on the OWN Network in July, too.

When it comes to summer, there are lots of DIY ideas that don’t take very much time. Some can even be completed in as little as an hour. In this video, Kristan shares with me several tips for summer decorating that won’t have you sidelined while others are enjoying their barbecue  In fact, the producers gave me so much material (including several color palettes), that I have far too much for just one post to share with you. Get ready for several days of outdoor ideas!

First, I’ll give you the goods:  the video of my web interview. Tomorrow, I”ll talk more in depth about the actual ideas that Kristan was kind enough to share with me. I should warn you though; watching this video will make you want to walk outside and immediately start updating your outdoor space. I found myself making a few updates of my own (which you’ve already seen a couple of glimpses of, but you’ll see more of that this week, too).

A few thoughts about the video:

  • Yes, I had a script, but we quickly broke off of that. Kristan is a pro and sort of rolled right along, and I considered it rude to try to interrupt her, so you won’t hear much of me.
  • Kristan’s bangs – I got bangs earlier this year and was considering letting them grow out, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to trim them up and rock them like this instead.
  • The interview was over the web and on the phone, so you don’t see me in the video; my voice sounds a little fuzzy as well.
  • I simply need to start doing videos on this blog. I’ve been thinking of doing it, but this video only confirms I need to really push myself for these kinds of opportunities more.
  • This is my second opportunity to speak with/meet an HGTV host. Still just as cool as the first time.
It’s pretty obvious that unless I get a call about doing a makeover show with another HGTV star, this coming week is going to be a little disappointing compared to last. But more to come about the interview and the design ideas this week, so I can at least rehash it!

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