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I put off easy tasks way too much.

The gate to the back yard fence had a latch on the wrong side for over two years. Even after the latch broke, and even though I had a dog who preferred the front yard to the back and kept constantly trying to jump the fence, I still didn’t do anything about it for months.

And then with no particular reason last night, I finally stopped making excuses. I bought a new latch and unscrewed the old. Seemed like things would be simple enough. And then I immediately dropped one of the rusty screws into the dirt.

The rest went a little more smoothly. First, I drilled pilot holes to keep the wood from splitting.

Then I screwed in the three rusty leftovers (the package came with screws, but they were too long to keep from sticking out of the other side of the door). When I needed to screw in the other side of the latch, I realized the bit I was using was too short. Insert “size matters” joke here.

I’m very proud of this shot. It’s not easy taking a picture of something that requires two hands to do.

It took fifteen minutes. Well, two years and fifteen minutes.

What have you been putting off for too long?

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  1. congrats on crossing it off your list!

    I've been putting off multiple pins that I found on pinterest. This week, I'm happy to say that I've finally done –
    * Cork board on the back of my kitchen cabinets to pin up recipes and other scrap paper that litters my kitchen
    * PVC dowel under the sink to hang windex and other spray bottle.. it's so much more spacious now
    * And a teaspoon/table spoon hooks for the inside of my cabinet (made with a paint stick and hook).
    * Sanded and stained a raised dog bowl (built from Ana-White) and my outside porch swing that was chipping

    But the big projects I've been procrastinating is putting up the adjust-a-gate (looks like you have it too) then painting my fence. I did my post holes and set the posts.. oh, about 2 months ago.