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Whenever you’re out shopping, especially in boutique stores, do yourself one little favor: look up.

When I’m somewhere new, I’m often paying more attention to things at eye level, and risk missing out on some great decor ideas to bring home with me. So, when I spotted these in a local shop, I thought I’d point them out as a good reminder:

hanging fabric hoops

I’m not even sure that the pictures really do this craft much justice, but scout’s honor: in person, it created quite the impression. The strips of fabric had some good sheen to it in various places, and the glittery ribbons mixed in had me thinking this would make for some great New Years Eve decor. It’s really the glittered areas that make the set; the light twinkled just so around and through each hoop– and I love a good twinkle.*

Plus, with so few supplies needed, it probably wouldn’t be too hard to make these with items already stashed around the house. A few embroidery hoops, some torn strips of fabric (even from an old t-shirt), some leftover Christmas ribbon that you’ve yet to pack up, and boom: decor that not only took less than five minutes to construct, but easy to part with after the party is over. To keep it from looking too sloppy, stick to a monochromatic color palette.

know I’ve seen this project before, or perhaps multiple variations before (thanks, Obama Pinterest), but until I saw it in person, it never really registered with me as something I should actually try to make. Probably because, just like my own pictures, there are some projects that just don’t look right in photos, but make an impact when you’re standing in front of it.

So, for what it’s worth: next time, look up.


*For some reason, I felt the need to add “that’s what she said” on the end of that. I’m now going to start using “twinkle” as a euphemism for… well, not quite sure yet. Feel free to invent it for yourself as well.

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  1. I am laughing, but still not quite sure how your mind went from “twinkle” to “that’s what she said”. You are funny! I am SOOOO glad you just didn’t feel the need to say “I love me some twinkle”. I have noticed that to be a blogger one must say “I love me some”. Completely hate this phrase!! So, on with your “twinkles” and “she saids”—if anything you are original! :) Happy New Year! I think I can guess what you will be doing.

  2. I MADE THOSE FOR OUR WEDDING! I bought embroidery hoops and hung a crap ton of crepe paper from them. They were what we stood in front of during the “ceremony.” They looked so pretty blowing gently in the wind in the photos my cousin took. I made them all colors of the rainbow. They were fabulous. So I’m definitely a fan :)

  3. Nice! maybe if you throw some lights inside it will give out a little accent light during night time :) I did one for my bedroom, a desktop fan, red and yellow cloth and created a fireplace pit-like lamp. It’s awesome looking!