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It’s taken a couple of weeks, but the back wall of my laundry room has now disposed of 100% of the leftover box of tile from my kitchen backsplash.

I always knew that adding tile in here would dress things up a bit (and tie the two rooms together a little more, since they’re right next to each other), but I’ll admit that without having tiled the kitchen first (tutorial here), things probably wouldn’t have gone quite as smoothly in this room. A few cuts around the window left me with a couple of head-scratchers (especially since I was determined not to have to drive the twenty minutes back to the outlet shop for extras, so luckily I’d saved the leftovers from the kitchen and used every scrap!)

I know the ceiling looks a bit iffy, but I’m planning on adding some decorative trim around the back wall to distinguish it further from the rest of the room (which won’t be tiled).

laundry room tile backsplash

I’ve managed to get the grouting finished, so all that’s left is the trim work and adding a shelf on the lower ledge of the wall (I’m thinking of staining it a similar color to the butcher block in the kitchen to tie things together even more). Since it was missing for this project and I didn’t want to get grout and tile adhesive crumbles all over the back of my new washer and dryer, I created a makeshift shelf out of painter’s tape and cling wrap (just so I could have something easy to toss when things were set to dry – I was prepared from the kitchen’s install for little bits of grout to go everywhere).

The color balance may be all over the place in these nightly progression shots, but soon enough, I’ll have a more finished reveal in store for ya. And even better, it’s one more item crossed of my big fat to-do list! How was your weekend?

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  1. That looks great! My dad and I tried to build a coffee table yesterday for father daughter bonding and got beat by trying to cut level 4x4s. Really disappointing, but good day overall!

    1. Hey, it happens. I can’t tell you how many times my dad & I have had to start & stop on certain projects. But sometimes regrouping brings new ideas, so it’s not always bad! Good luck on finishing up the table!

  2. I forgot how long your list is…good grief! We just compiled a list for our house and what we need to get done before putting it on the market, and while ours is longer, seeing your list makes me feel a little better! One thing- IMO it’s fun seeing things crossed off lists once they’re done…might be fun for all of us (especially if you’re linking back to this list frequently) to see those things you’ve accomplished crossed off… a way for us to visually see all of your progress! Great work-laundry room looks fabulous-can’t wait until the shelf goes up!

  3. What an awesome use of leftover tile! And the cling wrap shelf is pretty tricky too! Good luck tackling the rest of your list!

  4. I have been visiting family for 10 days and quickly catching up on my favorite blogs. I have not read your Comment Policy lately–thanks for the hearty laugh!! Swear jar? I think I may have mentioned that one on here and thought not a smart move as my link brings me to my shop. OOPS! I am a good mom, really! But “fiddle sticks” just doesn’t cut it when you hurt yourself or break a glass. Anyway….LOVE your tile work in the laundry room. The shelf would look great also. Hey, could you send a link to your new job site. I would love to see what your new work website looks like. Do you write actual articles for it or are you editor? Sorry–can’t remember all the details. Maybe a quick update in a post? Thanks. :)

    1. The comment policy was just updated as of this week :) Thanks for noticing!

      And I’m HAPPY to send you a link to my new job site. It’s called Society South, and we have some pretty cool things we’re working on lately that I’m hoping to share in an update soon. We are definitely trying to get the word out about our site, so tell EVERYONE about it if you like it!

  5. Sarah, you are amazing. I am bigger fan! :) Do you ever sleep? Really, I wonder how you have time to do all this renovations and to complete all the projects? Your house looks great and I truly admire you. Keep it this way, you are doing amazing job :)

  6. I love your cling-wrap/painters tape shelf! Brilliant. I’m going to have to remember that.