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For as long as I’ve been making design plans in the kitchen, there is one element (pun-intended) that has always been in the works:  copper accents. And thanks to a recent sale of these popular mugs, I now have the beginnings of that collection in my possession:

moscow mule

Aren’t they gorgeous? They’re called Moscow Mule mugs – named after the drink they are supposedly made to hold (the copper is apparently what keeps the drink at the perfect cold temp). I honestly didn’t buy them for making cocktails – I’m more of a craft beer gal, after all – but now that I have them readily available, I suppose it can’t hurt to grab a little ginger beer and try them out for their intended purpose.

moscow mule

I bought a set of 4 online from Casa.com and used a promo discount I found online (free shipping, and another 20% off the sale price – if you buy things online, always do a quick Google search for promo codes – they’ll save you a ton of cash!). These mugs seem to be everywhere lately, and come in a few different styles (Amazon has hammered copper versions that I like too).

moscow mule

At any rate, unlike the rest of my hodgepodge-from-mostly-college-crap kitchen dishware (which I’m hoping to replace in its entirety in the next year or so), I think these mugs deserve to be on public display somewhere in my new kitchen. They make me feel like a grown up ;)

moscow mule

How about you? Score any good deals lately?

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  1. Keeps the drinks at perfect cold temperature, you say? Sounds like the thing for cold punch. I think I prefer the hammered version.