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It seems like when I get rolling on several projects at once, this blog takes a serious hit in terms of quantity of posts. And yet, my Instagram feed keeps plugging right along.

Like Charlie and I getting a small break from the rain to make a new friend.

Or, for instance, these beauties. On a trip to Lowe’s to grab the trim that will surround the new laundry room tile, I wandered into the garden section and picked up some new flowers.



As you can see from the scraggly casualties in the pot, the hope is that these will do a little bit better in the full shade that is my front porch (yes, I am too lazy to move the pot every day to get morning sun and then back to get afternoon shade… which just about killed everything from the free container garden I scored last month).

And as for the paint? Those will go to two separate rooms. Three of those gallons are for my Dad’s new dining room (I’ll owe you an update post on that soon – we’re almost done!).

One of those gallons is for my dining room. Want to see the color?

If you have seen my dining room mood board, you probably aren’t all that surprised (it’s pretty close to what I’d imagined when I first drew up the plans). Or you might be surprised after all – I can rarely stick to a plan this long without changing it.

And, wouldn’t ya know it? I wound up forgetting the trim. Damn. It’s back to the store for me!

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  1. That blue paint looks like it might be perfect for an accent wall I have planned. Fingers crossed that you did the hard work of picking a color for me. :) Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  2. That blue looks pretty darn close to the color I just painted my bedroom – it’s gorgeous! Flowers are so pretty – but I kill them every time. Even with sprinklers and trees getting the shade thing right. It’s a gift.

  3. Hi Sarah!
    I love the blue paint – I can’t wait to see your dining room! I recenlty did a laundry room makeover and it was the best project EVER! I feel so much more organized now! I need to add crown molding (to cover up my messy paint job) :) – good luck with your makeover!