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When I last left off in the dining room, I mentioned I’d probably paint the walls with some oil primer to make sure that nothing bubbles up when I put a second thin coat of joint compound on the walls (to fix any bumps or lumps from wallpaper removal).

Well, fast forward a couple of days (and a lot of airing out), and the dining room now has a fresh coat of oil primer. And I’m getting so impatient because the walls look smooth already. I am itching to paint the walls yesterday. But, I know that it’s an optical illusion; I still need at least one more skim coat and sand job before the walls are truly smooth.

This is one of the hardest parts of DIY; preventing yourself from skipping crucial steps that you know will make or break the outcome of the room. Even though the walls are starting to look really great, I know that if I slapped paint up right away, every missed little scratch and lump would show up on the finished paint. And I’ve worked too hard up to this point to just half-ass the last step.

So, I’m working on my patience. Or something similar to patience, because silencing the voice in my head that’s nagging me to just paint the room already feels a lot like going crazy.

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  1. Your patience will definitely pay off… but man, I hear you– patience is not a strong point! haha

  2. I love that you just do things the right way. It’s totally the way my dad teaches me to do things. It may seem like a ton of steps (because well, it is) but the job will be done correctly, look great in the end, and stand the test of time. Every time I think about just slapping some paint on a wall, I have to force myself to take a step back and plan out the job the way it should be done. I know I’ll be happier with the end result.