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This week has already been so hodgepodge, I felt like keeping with the theme today and just going with it. So, a bunch of smaller updates in no particular order…

So, yeah… Dueling DIY didn’t happen this week. I guess we can blame the new job. But, on the bright side, I’m really enjoying the work so far… even when part of it includes over 250 miles of commuting in a single day (just how it’s going to be from time to time when I visit the office; working from home still means I need to show my face there every once in a while, and I can’t stay overnight!). I’m even learning new things that will make this site even better (um, just as soon as I can actually get around to installing them!). And speaking of the new job, here are a few more shots I snagged with my cell phone during my last trip. More to come (the porch ceiling is just so peaceful & pretty; reminds me of The Lettered Cottage).

society south

There were some hiccups in the site not loading at the end of last week & beginning of this one (completely through sheer happenstance that it’s exactly the week I’ve had my attention elsewhere), but hopefully most of that is now resolved, too. Having my site go down when I’m not able to immediately pay attention to it is almost like walking around in public with no bra:  not enough support and eeeeevvvveryone knows it.

As for the house, things are still happening in the kitchen & other areas (like re-hanging upper cabinet doors!), so that will hopefully be all photographed & ready for you next week. That is, the doors that are painted. There are a few that aren’t (ahem, ran out of space to elevate doors = only a few get done at once). But I’m hoping that I’ll have a few other areas sort of tweaked in that whole “ready for sale” sort of way, so I can show those off and draw several satisfying lines through some of the big to-do list.

As for other life happenings, if you follow on Instagram, you may have noticed that my little sister and I ran Warrior Dash again on Saturday. Nothing like crawling under barbed wire, scrambling over rusted out cars, and leaping through fire to make a gal feel like a total badass.

While in school, mud runs usually occurred the same weekends as class, so I was psyched to get back to doing them again (I missed out on doing the Savage Race again like last year, but I’m definitely hungry for more later this summer!). If you want to see more pictures from the last time we did the run together, you can head back to that post here. I think next time, Em and I will be donning some fun costumes to make the race all the more silly & comical. What do you think? Any ideas?

On our way back, we stopped at a farmer’s market and picked up all sorts of things. One item that kept grabbing my attention was “scuppernong preserves” (not pictured) – a fruit I’d never heard of (and I’ve lived in the south most of my life!). Turns out, it’s a variety of muscadine grape. Kinda wish I’d picked up a small jar just to try it!

After washing out all of the mud from the weekend, I got a little me time in at the salon & tried out some new highlights. They’re taking some getting used to, but I’m liking the lighter look!

And speaking of ideas, I’ll have a few more timesaving-related posts (aka Time Tips) coming soon.

Hope you’re having a great week!

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  1. You really are a badass, you know that? I think you’re going to live past 100 – you just dont stop and its those kinda ladies that keep on going ;) Love your new hair and your new job- such a great space to work in even if it means no PJ’s!

  2. Your hair looks really great. You have to have a new look for the new job! And I wish I looked like that in my jeans and T-shirt–you are thin! OK..another cookie! :) Sounds like you are busy and still finding time for about everything. Keep up the great work!

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous, dahling! Glad to hear you are having fun among the craziness.

  4. So this might be “taboo” or something, but could you just go ahead and saw those corbels off the porch of the office and send them to me? Because they’re awesome.

    Also, your hair does look good.

  5. I travel lots so I know what you mean about unknown fruit. Kinda like the Lingonberries at Ikea!

    I guess I should follow suit……..hair looks good (which it does).