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During the furniture buying frenzy, several pieces of new furniture found their way into the house thanks to some crazy good sales.

While you’ve already seen our new dining table, kitchen table, and living room chairs (including Scott’s new “noncliner“), I haven’t yet revealed the entire new layout of the living room. I suppose an alternate title for this post could have been, “What Happened to the Couch?”

Making room for the tree, and removing a side table, our living room now has a completely different furniture layout:

The couch was originally placed with its back to the entryway – not exactly inviting you into the living room, but it was the best placement for having only one seating option in the room. If things had stayed the same and I hadn’t purchased the additional chairs, I probably would have found a sofa table to create a more welcoming look (instead of a wall of beige fabric).

Now, with three more chairs in the room, things got a little more cozy and a lot more inviting from the front door. The two light fabric chairs went inside the floor space of the bow window with the tree in between. After the holiday, we’ll put back the additional side table so that our guests have a resting spot for their drinks. Until then, I suppose they’ll have to use the tree skirt!

Scott’s recliner is now placed TV-central. With the extra time we have by taking a break from DIY projects and enjoy the house, the placement is coming in handy when Scott plays his new video game. I use the term “new” pretty loosely – I bought the game for him six months ago, but the house projects have postponed our fun until now (read here for an explanation on why it’s “our” fun, not just his).

And finally, the couch found a place with its back to the dining room. I love our open floor plan, but putting the couch here makes it really comfortable for me to enjoy our new TV and divide the formal dining area from the more casual living space.

Have you done any furniture rearrangements for your tree or elsewhere in your home recently?

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  1. I Love the new arrangement! It's much more cozy and inviting than the previous layout (probably because there more furniture…)

    We will be shopping for new furniture soon, too, with more chairs and less big bulging couches (like what we currently have, lol). And so a new seating arrangement will have to be made, one that somehow works around the odd angle of the corner fireplace and the front door…

    So – thanks for posting this layout! I'll have to refer back to it for some tips later. ;)


  2. I love the new layout! It really does look much cozier and inviting. I need to figure something out with my living room…