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Last week was all about my successful search for living and dining room furniture, but not too much of it had arrived to the house yet. Wanna see what the rooms look like now?

Living Room

This outdoor chair…

…was replaced with these beautiful $99 chairs (inspired by the Pottery Barn ones I’d been gaga over).

The layout has also changed to make room for everything while still leaving space to walk around. Scott is very happy with both the recliner and it’s position in the room (in front of the TV, right next to a side table to rest a beverage). The only problem is that now the couch is blocking the satellite receiver, so we’ll have to cut another hole in the bookshelf to move it up.

Dining Room

The dining room has pretty much been vacant except for extra beer samples (from Scott’s job) and the remaining stack of laminate flooring that has yet to be installed.



Of course, neither room is finished quite yet. Both rooms need rugs, the dining room needs to be painted (and maybe some wainscoting?), that mirror on the left needs to be painted and hung, new light fixtures, new blinds for the dining room, on and on… But at least now my housewarming guests won’t need to sit on my pretty new floors. They can instead admire them from cushioned seats! An improvement, don’cha think? How’d I do with my furniture frenzy?

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  1. The rooms are looking great. I went to the ASF website and those chairs are $149. Boo. Did you get them in a sale? They look really chic!

  2. I just checked the site and you're right; it looks like they were on sale when I bought them two weeks ago and the price has jumped. But, even if they are $149, they are still MUCH cheaper than the $799 ones at PB! ASF seems to keep their styles around for a while though, so reach out to them and ask for the discount. You never know.

  3. Wow! Those are gorgeous chairs and I'm so jealous of your great bargain! Makes me really want to finally get my dining room furniture! Beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous! You did a fab job of picking out new furniture. I love all of it! And all the white really pops against your new flooring, too!


  5. For not being finished, these rooms both look GREAT! I love those chairs in your living room, and your dining table is fab.

    P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog this week, you should enter! If you win, you could get some more fun stuff to help finish these rooms. :)

  6. Love the new furniture!! The dining room is my favorite. I'm digging the stripes and the mirror along with the creamy chairs!

  7. I love the dining room set!! Where did you get it? Sorry if you mentionedit in another post! I just started reading. :) thanks!

  8. Your house is much prettier, but very similar in “feel” to mine– I am currently trying to furnish and design large spaces too. I laughed when I saw the photo of the camp chair, out den looked like that for months before we bought a couch! C'mon over and visit anytime–looks like our tastes are the same! have fun! Ann

  9. Beautiful. I love the chairs (that exact style was vetoed by Mr. DIY so I had to go with another option – darn it! lol). Great choice – gorgeous with your beautiful table! Thanks for sharing in the DIY Project Parade!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Your dining room looks great so far! I love that you have nice, large windows that bring in the nature and light from outside. I never get tired of a room with pretty window views, because there is always something different to check out, especially as the seasons change.