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What kind of music do you listen to when you DIY?

I have two playlists that I gravitate to. One is a very long mix of artists like Mumford & Sons, Joe Purdy, Grace Potter, and LP (for nights where I’m doing a lot of painting and/or meandering about the house and will likely take a few hours to work on several projects – aka singing my brains out because I’m all alone and there’s no one to stop me). The other is my workout mix. Think Rihanna, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and of course, Ludacris (for when I need to do a little booty shaking to get the blood flowing and knock something out quickly).

Last night was a “workout playlist” kind of night. It wasn’t really because I needed to get the job done quickly, but I simply didn’t feel very motivated to do much of anything. And yet, I knew I’d be really pissed at myself for letting an unproductive night slip by (guilt is such a nag). There were some nasty storms passing through the Atlanta area, so anything involving the floor was out of the question thanks to mud tracked in by the pup (hence the lack of a Dueling DIY update today).

But as for progress? Yeah, there was a little o’ that.

Even late at night (and during a rain storm… and with a fuzzy camera shot), changing this wall color lightens my mood a ton. I don’t have class this Saturday, so I can focus on DIY this week instead of assignments. The plan is to do either one more coat on an existing wall (like the entryway wall in the pic – needs only one more coat to be finished) or start a new coat on the wall next to the one I’ve just finished the night before… making my way around the big living room and then up the stairs. It’s very small in terms of nightly progress, but much more manageable, and I won’t even have to clean off the brushes until the last night (which is probably my biggest motivation right there). I’ll update you with a lazy girl’s guide to keeping brushes wet later this week. I’ve found a method that works for at least a week, and that’s good enough for me!

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  1. The crazy thing is Chris and I met while working at a record store and we LOVE music, but we don’t actually listen to a lot of it while we’re working on the house. Mostly we listen to NPR podcasts (Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me is my favorite) and football and baseball games on the radio. We’re nerds :)

  2. I’ve been doing a lot of painting the past few weeks, and getting the right music on has really helped me! Sounds of Yo Yo Ma – very dramatic and fun painting tunes. Bebel Gilberto and Tom Waits rounded out my other painting job. Looking fwd to reading your lazy girls guide to wet paint brushes…

  3. Are you not doing Dueling DIY posts anymore? I noticed Kit hasn’t done one in a few weeks either.

    1. I definitely am – I mentioned quickly in the post above why I skipped this week (the rain made the dog track in too much mud, and touching up stair paint needs a clean surface). I’ll have an update for you next Tuesday. I think Kit is hard at work keeping chickens and donkeys alive, but I’ll see if I can taunt her into picking the paint brush back up again. Either way, I’ve got a few things up my sleeve and a free weekend to knock a few things out. Stay tuned :)