Me standing in front of my brown and damaged siding in the front yard with puppy Charlie with her big smile and tongue hanging out

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You know what? I realized I am missing from a lot of my posts. Sure, I talk about how I did this or did that, or the ideas I have for the house or the things going on in my life, but actual pictures of me usually result in only hand modeling or you seeing me with a mask on my face:
I guess it’s mainly due to being solo on most of the projects I do around the house; I am the shutterbug, not the subject matter, so I stay behind the camera.
Okay, so the real truth is that I’ve been really lazy about putting makeup on and doing my hair before work (I work in IT, it’s not exactly a stylish environment), so when I get home, I choose not to take pictures of my face without something covering it. I mean, it’s the internet and all.
And let’s face it, there are only so many photos I can take of myself at arm’s length before I just look kinda silly.
One “missing” picture I am thinking about in particular lately is the fact that I do not have an official “I just closed on my new house!” photo. No milestone photo of me standing proudly in front of my most expensive purchase to date, big goofy grin on my face, thrilled about all the potential that lay ahead.


I remember that day pretty well nonetheless. It was a chilly December Friday, again with no makeup on, my long hair twisted into a lazy bun, probably a little more shiny-faced than I would have liked, but entering the closing office with a very important folder in my hand (and a check I wouldn’t leave out of my sight, even when I went to the bathroom). But no photo walking back out, changing from “apartment-dweller” to “real life homeowner”.
So this weekend I decided:  I need to make more of an effort.
My sister’s husband is allergic to animals, and she’s the type of person who brings home the last plant on the shelf at Lowe’s because it looked lonely. So when she had the opportunity this weekend to meet Charlie for the first time, it was obvious she was excited. She even brought pink and white frosted treats with her (which happily proclaimed “It’s a girl!” – and safe for dogs, of course).
But during her visit, a new thought occurred to me:  if Charlie is still brand new to the house, it would be a perfect time to make up for lost photo opportunities!
Me and Charlie – Our first house, July 2011
Sadly, in my opinion, there is no “perfect” photo out of the lot. Either the cropping is off (the house is kinda dark in the background compared to the two of us thanks to the bright sun shining down on us), Charlie is looking the wrong way, or my smile is weird. But out of them, I think I like the one above best. Just for fun, here are some of the others (including a few at arm’s length, just because):
(Wow – does the humidity have my hair under a spell, or what?)
(Getting a puppy to cooperate: not easy.)
(later that night, out for her walk)
While it doesn’t quite make up for that milestone first picture, I think it quite nicely marks the beginning of… well, something, don’t you think?
Have you ever realized that you’re missing a milestone photo? Did you make up for it, or did you just move on to the next?

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  1. Hey! I love your blog! I think the first time I saw it I realized we have the same (or similar) laminate/wood flooring and I just about squealed! I've been meaning to ask you what you have used to keep it clean? Mine is a pain in the butt kind of but I love the look! We just installed it in our house about 7 months ago. I've found windex is the best for me but it gets dirty looking really fast with our 2 dogs and 2 cats still. I would be so happy to hear what you use!

    Also, if you have a fav of the pictures above I wouldn't mind editing to help bring the light up. I'm an amateur photographer and I've gotten very used to editing with lightroom and I often mess with lighting and what not. My hubsters and I haven't taken our milestone picture with our new home either and we've been here 8 months now. You're not alone! lol! Well this is a novel of a comment so I'll stop here.

    Take care! You're place is lookin rad! =D

  2. @Andrea
    You may have seen it just appear today, but I have added a Favorite Things page for all of the products I like, but so far I've only found a good vacuum for getting up all of that pet hair. The streaking is another issue, and I've tried just about everything (including Windex and even vinegar and water) – a Swiffer WetJet made for wood floors works pretty well, but still leaves a few streaks which I usually then buff up with one of those big fluffy push brooms. If you wind up finding anything better, I'd love for you to stop by again and give your input!

  3. I'm new to your blog, and just exploring around and saw this post. My hubs and I bought our first house this past May, and we didn't take a first house dorky/cute picture either!! I actually thin kabout it all the time, and reading this made me realize it WAS ONLY a few months ago still. May as well do it now! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  4. I think I like the idea of milestone pictures. I better have some when I move into my new place in January!