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My design A.D.D. has reared its ugly head again.I’ve started cleaning out the bathroom (to finally get it back into shape after all of the drywall repair), but figured while I was at it (and the pup was down for the night), why not try constructing a bed for the guest bedroom? I bought it a while back during my weekday IKEA shopping spree (though I hadn’t made the move out announcement yet, so I apologize if buying a bed frame confused some folks) and just hadn’t found the motivation time until now to put it together. In case you’re wondering, it’s the FJELLSE bed frame – the most basic bed frame there is, and it was less than $50 – well within my guest bedroom makeover budget.

It’s not much, but it’s something that needed to be done ASAP. And the reason is a little funnier than you might expect (fair warning, this is truth in blogging, so just saying…). You see, during Charlie’s first week in her new house, I experimented with various ways of keeping her in the laundry room while I was needing a break or had to run errands. I tried out a baby gate, which she was not loving…

And the smart little poop machine managed to climb it and get out, free to roam the entire lower floor of the house. Which you can imagine as a non-housebroken puppy (she’s getting there, but it takes time), she created quite a mess. In. Every. Room. I’m very thankful I had laminate floors instead of carpet, because the cleanup was much faster than it would have been otherwise (and more sanitary).

The elongated box that contained the bed frame had been lying on the floor the dining room (it’s as far as I wanted to carry it after lugging it around the store). So by the time I got home to find that Charlie got out, the box was left with a distinct puppy paw print formed with… yeah.

So the covering of the box had to be removed and thrown away…

…which left pieces out in the open, ripe for puppy gnawing…

…so assembly seemed like the best option, sitting behind a closed guest bedroom door :)

One little surprise I found amusing? Apparently IKEA thinks that people other than college students and single folks buy cheapo bed frames, because they made a clear point to let me know that this should not be assembled solo:

I guess that makes me the unhappy guy with the hammer staring at Paul Bunyan’s chewing gum. Ahem.

The frame is very simple, but I already have a few plans for giving it a little DIY funk. Here are just a few of them that have been kicking around in my head…

More updates coming soon, but for now I’ve got to head back into the bathroom and get the room cleaned up. I’m sick of using the guest bath and want my space back!

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  1. Hahaha, hilarious! Well, for me, not so much for you. I had the joy of puppy-sitting a 6 week old Golden this past weekend, and wow – I'd completely forgotten how much work puppies are! :)