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This past weekend, I realized Scott was jumping ahead on the to do list unexpectedly. So much so, that the only before pic I managed to get of the outdoor light next to our front door was just as it went into the garbage. In fairness, I tend to buy multiple items on our to do list so that whenever a window of opportunity presents itself, we’re prepared without having to run to the store. I do this mostly because these windows of free time generally occur on weekdays after stores close or on weekends where we want to tackle something in between two other events. It’s best to just have it around so it can get done. No room for excuses.

Thus, things like this happen. Scott figures out that he can switch out a light fixture well before I realize I haven’t taken a picture of it for the blog. Or have the camera nearby. Or, apparently, have the memory disk in the camera.   (with wavering enthusiasm) Ta-daaaa…

Meh. Better luck next time, I suppose. But you can probably agree from the above pic that if this light fixture could talk, it would probably tell you the same story six times about what it was like with Taft as president.

Ahem… it was old, people. But it’s new, spiffy replacement is much more suited for my tastes. The light fixture came in a package of two for a mere $25 on sale with lightbulbs included. Bulbs that, in fact, use less energy, last seven years, and give off a brighter glow than the outdoor bulbs we were using with the old fixture (that also inconveniently burned out as fast as birthday candles).

Sorry, old timer, but we must move on.

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  1. Greetings from Southern California

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  2. Great choice and I love the way it looks against the stone. I so need to replace ours sometime this summer. They are getting very rusty and gross looking. Guess I better add it to my to-do-list. LOL