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At first glance, these two photos from the IKEA website seem identical.

But then, you start to flip back and forth from one picture to the next and think to yourself, what is it about these photos that make them look so different?

And then, it becomes a fun game. Or at least, it did for me. Can you spot all of the differences in these two photos? I’ll get you started:

  • The second photo is cropped a little, nearly cutting out all of the bookshelf on the right side from the first pic.
  • The lighting is brighter and color is more vivid in the second picture, which helps to make the room look a little more cheerful and put together.
  • The bed has been switched out, eliminating the posts and top frame, which also eliminates the curtain and the lines that interfere with background shelf and wardrobe.
  • The wardrobe in the back is slightly shorter, bringing the top line of it down below the door frame instead of above it. Baskets have also been added with the available height on top.

Do you see anything else you’d like to point out? I was fascinated with how much the second photo looks better than the first. As an indiscriminate photo taker, I have pretty much only cared about whether A) my photograph is in focus and B) whether or not the room looks clean (see how I put that word in there? Yeah, as long as the laundry is out of the photo, I consider myself golden). I don’t take enough time to focus on the lighting, angle, cropping, or how much of an effect each of these can have on a photograph to make it look balanced and clutter-free.

These photos really made me think twice about my next few tutorials for you all (yes, I know I haven’t shown you my own home for the last few days, but always take that as a hint that there are some changes in the works, mmkay?). It also made me appreciate that even home industry giants can sometimes get it wrong. What did you notice that was different? Did you like photo B more like I did, or were you in the photo A camp?

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  1. I've been trying to improve on my photos, so any tips you dish out are appreciated.

  2. There's a little dangly thing hanging on the wardrobe which has been moved. Definitely not making an impact on the photo but it's a fun game:)

  3. I look forward to some photo tutorials. I need all the help I can get. Lately, I've been trying to take better pictures. Those “eye candy” blogs are right down my alley. And I love seeing what other crazy home-improvers are up to.

  4. I MUCH prefer photo B to A. The lines of the bed, the sheer headboard panel and bookshelf in A are all so distracting. Plus, look at the rug in A…. what sort of function is that serving?? The tall wardrobe also makes the door seem so small. This little photography trick really makes me want to rethink my furniture placement. If only I had the money to buy so many different pieces of furniture and accessories….. A girl can dream, right?