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You may have noticed from a few photos on the blog this week or on my Facebook page that I purchased a new vacuum over the weekend.

This new Eureka model seemed to be a perfect fit for what I needed:  strong suction power, no winding tubes to get clogged, and good for pet hair. Plus, after my experience with another Eureka vac, I trust the brand and really like the lack of mess with bags (with the old bagless one, the thing I hated most was dumping the canister into the trash and watching a cloud of dust puff into the air).

Putting it together was like what I imagine young parents experience with toys on Christmas Eve:  too many parts, an instruction booklet with too many steps, and resorting to a hammer when things don’t snap in place.

And all of the parts were either individually wrapper in plastic or had additional advertising attached to them. It was as if they were sure I’d open the box and start assembling it in the store, so they still needed to convince me to buy it.

After twenty minutes of frustration, I got it assembled and took a look at all of the new features.

Instead of the air flow always going through the hose, it only does this when you switch it to the tool setting. In my opinion, I thought this was a good design choice since pet hair tends to kink when it has to move through a winding tube.

Another neat feature is the switch to change the height of the vacuum. After testing these on both carpet and bare floors, I really like that I can take care of the entire upper level in one vacuum session (especially since anything that deters me from completing a chore increases the likelihood that I just won’t ever finish it). I really didn’t buy the vac for anything other than the carpeted bedrooms, but not having to grab the canister vac from downstairs is really convenient.

There is also another pet attachment that hooks onto the front. I haven’t used it yet, so as far as I can tell it is meant to spontaneously fall off the vac as its being pushed around the room.

One of the downsides of this vac is that it is very, very heavy. I wouldn’t recommend it for two story homes unless you have a similar setting like mine. The entire lower level of the UDH is laminate, so the canister vac will be kept downstairs to take care of things down there, and the upright will stay upstairs for the carpeted rooms.

And as for performance? It definitely does the job on both carpet and bare floors. I really like that the hose attachment is also wide; narrow ones clog too easy when pet hair is a factor.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to like this vac as much as I like my Mighty Mite, but it’s too soon to tell. Charlie destroyed the cord on the last one, but seems indifferent to the new.

Maybe it’s because her actions didn’t get rid of anything; there’s now an even bigger and noisier one in the house.

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  1. Sounds like a good choice! I bought my very first vaccuum a couple of months ago, and I'm head over heels in love. We didn't spend a lot, but that's because we have hardwood throughout the entire house.

  2. I bought the Dyson at Kohls for less than $200. The way I did it was using my Kohls card (which saved 30% instantly with a coupon) and then combined with a price match againsted Home Depot and two other coupons I had that could be combined. We need another vacuum for the basement and may consider this since we can't get the same deal on the Dyson right now.


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