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There are days when I am very successful at looking on the bright side of things…

…like when my neighbor (the one who has his own landscaping company) helpfully offers to help take a little better care of my front lawn for me (like blowing pine straw off my driveway, for example). For free. In all likelihood, his offer is mostly due to being a professional landscaper who has had enough of a neighbor (me) who is doing it wrong. And yes, I’m totally taking him up on that offer.

…or when my other neighbor knocks on my door to see if I’m still alive. Yep. She totally did. I guess having Charlie outside on a leash (because she was jumping the fence so I couldn’t leave her to run freely) was enough of an unusual new habit for her to be concerned. I’m really thankful to have a neighbor paying attention to my house like that, especially since school means I spend more time away from it.

But then there are days where I have two papers due, struggle to please my boss, feel like I’m down to one last  brain cell (well, the crazy ones are still there), and come home to this:

And that’s when I look at the ceiling and tell it to kiss. my. ass. And is it just me, or does it look like my ceiling peed itself? Meh, I guess finding humor in it is the only sane way to deal with these things. Oh, and ignore the wayward paint marks. When you have wallpaper as ugly as the stuff I have in the kitchen (but not for long, it’s days are numbered), you don’t really care if you accidentally put pristine white paint on top.

No worries, though. This is just below the bathroom that I’m currently repairing, so there is thankfully no underlying issue that I’ll have to fix. I guess I just have “prime and repaint the ceiling stain” to add to the to-do list. As soon as I have a glass of wine.

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One Comment

  1. My head explodes on a daily basis right now, although I am getting better.

    I have to keep reminding myself that I WON'T DIE if my bathroom is unfinished for one more week (or two or three).